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Thread: not sure if calculating right...

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    not sure if calculating right...

    so I began R1,P2 two days ago and have been measuring/weighing food precisely and calculating my caloric intake according to the hCG calorie chart. so far I have been calculating my intake at under 500 cals (on average its fallen at around 435). I feel like am eating alot but it doesn't seem to add up right. am i doing something wrong?

    for example, yesterday my calorie log:
    water throughout the day
    brkfst: (coffee with 1tbsp of soymilk) 10cals
    lunch: 152 cals
    snack: 72
    dinner: 205
    for a total of 439 cals

    (today, day three on P2 is the first day I feel hungry.)

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    No expert however it looks okay to me except for the soymilk. Grammy can definitely chime in. I thought I read we were encouraged to stay away from soymilk. I could be wrong.
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    It is fine if the calories are lower than 500. I would make sure to keep them above 400 though.

    as far as your hunger.. what hcg are you taking and what dose?
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