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Thread: A Cheat Day?

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    A Cheat Day?

    I stated the Hcg diet, using the omnitrition drops, and I am currently on phase two. Its been 12 days, and I've been good, and following the diet, but I'm a bit worried as I have lost about the 2 pounds that I gained during the loading phase. But my question is can I take a day off to eat reguler food? There is a big event coming up, and I can't take the Hcg approved diet with me. Will this effect my weightless drastically, or can I do an "Apple Day" to make up for it?

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    To be very honest, and I truly mean no disrespect I feel like if you are doing this diet with the intent of cheating then what is the point? You end up ruining all of the work that you did and your hypothalamus won't be able to reset properly. Is there a way for you to make your lunch in advance and take it with you? If you can't eat it during the event can you eat it before or after? Or maybe you could just take a sliced apple in a baggy to tide you over until you can eat lunch. Good luck!!
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    It's likely to make you GAIN way more then what you eat and stall you out for a week. Ask me how I know.

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