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Thread: Cheating

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    I should have started this in the fall. Thus far I have lost 10lbs, put throvhout it all I have been cheating. My weight never goes down, but up by 2lbs. Too many barbeques to attend. Anyway, I notice my appetite is decreasing. There are days I do not eat the diet required foods but thank God, I am maintaing my weight. I need to lose 10 more lbs. There are some days forget to take hcg. QUESTION: If you cheat how do you correct the problem with hcg? Next week, I should be back on track, Barbeques are over; however my wedding Anniversary is at the end of the month. I need a new starting point. Can someone please help me.

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    All you can do is continue the diet. There is no fix for cheating. You will most likely stall for however long but that is all you can do.

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    You can try s steak day. I have lost 2.5 lbs with it. You do not eat until dinner and then have s steak. I have done 8 oz steak and apple. Good luck!

    So, I'm just curious when you say cheat what did you have? I'm always curious about what people think a cheat is. 😊

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    I have two more days then I stop the drops on day 3 and 4 then start P3. I've been cheating on Friday -3 glasses of wine, Saturday- a bottle of wine (yes, I know i was doing so well) I ate half an ihop omelette, and i've been having really bad cravings. Today i had a tuna sandwich and three small cookies, few spoons icecream in other words i've totally blown it and I feel like I don't care. My stomach has really gone down and I had lost 10lbs. Should I throw in the towel now or do two more days?

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    This is a tough mental diet. Sounds like your head is not in it so I would stop and go to P3 and try again when you are ready.


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