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Thread: Day 30 on p2 dosing question

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    Day 30 on p2 dosing question

    Post load weight 189 current weight 172

    I have done this diet before with a lot of success, but due to an unfortunate tragedy in my life, my weight slowly inclined again. I am no where near my goal weight but I want to make sure these last 10 days really count.

    My question is, that towards the end of a cycle, is it possible to need to go up in dose of hcg since maybe my body is getting more and more used to it? I just feel like my losses should be more substantial... Would it hurt to go 50 days instead of 40 days?

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    17 pounds by day 30 is not a bad result. Its actually better than average.

    Your thinking about dosing is wrong though. If anything, people might need to adjust their dose down toward the end of the round. Raising it can hasten immunity, and will likely slow losses. And you might have to deal with hunger as well.

    If you are not experiencing abnormal hunger now, I would not change your dose at all. The last 2-3 weeks are usually slower losses for most people. If I lost 2 pounds a week at the end of my rounds, I was doing well. I had some ending weeks with a lot less than that.

    You need to stop after 40 dose days. To go longer puts extra strain on your liver, you invite immunity, and you won't lose much more anyway.
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    If doing injections, and your using 1st vial still, sometimes you have to adjust up because your hcg loses potency after 20-25 days. Otherwise, as Leez has stated, you shouldn't have to adjust up, but perhaps down.

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    Thanks, I thought about it losing its potency, but I am confused on one thing..... A couple of years ago I did this diet as well..... I didn't finish a vial of hcg I had and kept it in my fridge for 6 months. I was curious and tested it with a hpt and it still came up positive with a very dark positive line. I don't understand how this would be possible. I am sure it lost some potency, but I thought it would have lost almost all potency by then and wouldn't have tested positive at all.... I don't understand this....

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