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Thread: Every other day minimum or no weight loss

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    R1) Drops, R2) Tablets, R3) Injections R4) Injections
    Quote Originally Posted by troye View Post
    Yikes. I know from my experience of my first round a long time back the nurses had no idea of the dose, and there plan did not follow Simeons. Thankfully at that time I had already found this forum.
    My wife had a hard time understanding that i "knew better" than the clinic.

    Well I made it to P3 Day 1. I thought this day would never come
    I ended up including load weight loosing a total of about 38lbs despite all of the challenges and stalls this round. Now I am looking into inflammation foods / meats to help me along this round.

    Today I ate the best blackberries and raspberries ever
    Congrats troye, please let us know how it goes for you the next few days!!!

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    Thank you

    Will do!!

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    R4P3; First Rx hcg round. Have used homeopathic drops for previous rounds but regained weight

    Time between rounds when past rounds were homeopathic, not rx

    Grammy, if I have done several rounds on homeopathic drops, but this is my first round of rx injections, do I count it as round 1 when scheduling time between rounds? It has been over a year since my last hhcg round.
    I am Roni (Ronnie) I am finally giving REAL RX HCG INJECTIONS "A SHOT"

    **** Original Protocol ****
    Round 1 LDW: 240.8 (-31.4)
    Round 2 LDW: 230.6 (-41.6)
    Round 3 aborted
    Round 4 LIW: 232 (-28.0)

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