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Thread: Delicious Divas!

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    love it!

    Quote Originally Posted by ruby View Post
    the planets are not in alignment if the world of ruby. Dh and i are not seeing eye to eye on whose needs are clearly the most important. Which of course would be my needs because i am a diva and well that's all there is to it.

    So this has been going on all day today with a number of petty issues and of course it escalated to the point where we finally had it out about this critical life changing decision: Whether it was more important to use the last of the hot water tonight to wash the cleaning rags for the coffee shop or, (and you decide pressure here to take my side...) to use it to fill my giant claw foot bathtub with a luxurious candle light detox bath.

    I mean really! Wash the rags or wash the diva, is there anything to even discuss?! Humphh!

    And, to add insult to injury, dh and the child cooked a pizza, a pizza! And made the house smell like freshly baked warm chewy delicious omg dough. I mean this is just not compatible with my narrow little bubble world of what is acceptable to eat or smell in relation to my ultimate divine diva diet needs. Sniff!

    So, i have decided that from this point forward, all occupants of this household will honor the divine diva's diet dictatorship and bow down to any and all needs of said divine dieting diva. Or else i will sit on them and squish them with my divine derriere.


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    Oh gosh, I haven't even checked the news to know what is going on! I'm more worried about if I lost any weight (bad me).

    Thanks for all the posts regarding the water intake. I did cut back and had no leg cramps (yippee), but I gained .2 today, dang it's I either drown and lose weight or I don't drink and get fatter.....tough choice!

    Ruby - Loved your bath story! It's been so long since I took a bath, mostly because I've gained so much weight, I don't know if I could get out without asking for help Going to fix that soon tho!

    Today is my day off and I have to get my car fixed for some recall or another....I might walk home slowly (4 miles) because it's a beautiful 70+ degree weather day...that's if the tsunami doesn't hit us too.......wherever it is!

    Check in with you all later!

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    Oh Gosh, I just checked the tsunami warning, and I didn't even realize there was a quake in Japan. My DIL is from Tokyo and all her family still lives there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they are "ok". We live in Northern San Diego, right on the coast, so I always have to careful when they issue warnings. It appears we have nothing to worry about.

    Update..........well, I guess I do have a tsunami warning. I only leave at about 20 feet about sea level, so I have to keep an eye on it. If it hits Crescent City, CA and is bad, I'm outta here!

    Round 1 Start Weight: 249
    Round 1 End Weigh: 217.2
    Round 1 Total Loss: 31.8 (35 days)

    Round 2 Start Weight: 217.2

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    Dancing on cloud 9

    Good Morning lovely divas!
    Very scary about Japan I haven't got the chance yet to fully read up on it. My heart goes out to all who are affected.

    RUBY! You saucy diva! I laughed hysterically this morning. I hope you get that detox bath tonight! Diet dictatorship has taken hold of my household as well, my fiance and I eat at seperate spots and at different times.

    YAYYYYY scottishfairy for getting your dosage right! What a relief that's all that had to be adjusted. I'm sure from here on out the diet will be much easier on you. I'm so happy for you.

    Sorry I can't reply to all this morning, but I read all your posts and it's incredible! it seems like everyone is doing so well what positive energy i get from reading all the posts. I'd like to carry on the skinny vibes by saying I woke up to a 1.6 lb loss!!! Yahoo! So unexpected.

    Something that helped me for days where you are really hungry.. last night for dinner I made chicken soup. I made my own broth (because finding acceptable broth at my supermarket was like winning the lottery). I boiled the chicken in a bunch of water, added a bunch of spices and fresh cilantro, celery and cut up one whole onion for the flavour. When it was done, i strained out the onion and shredded my chicken portion and I was left with a delicious soup! I was thinking of using the melba, but so far i really haven't needed it. I ate half my soup around 5:30 pm and half around 8 pm and it really did the trick for me. I also had my apple with cinnamon, Stevia and vanilla creme Stevia drops YUM. Soup is highly recommended! Also it looks like the cottage cheese didn't stall me which is great, because I think I want to have it again, it would pair nicely with a melba and some dried chives.

    Anyhow, I think i remember a diva asking about what my "butter drops" were. I bought them online from the store I purchased my hcg. They are called "Capella flavour drops" which are calories-less and protocol safe. Buttered popcorn is the flavour, and though it doesn't quite taste like butter (darn) it adds a nice flavour to cabbage, soup, even chicken and such. It's a nice change from using herbs on everything.

    Alright diva's as the weekend approaches we gotta be strong!!! Try not to put yourself in bad food environments and always keep an apple in the car. lol

    Big losses to all

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    Hope everyone and everyones' near and dear ones are ok. Prayers for all.

    Ruby: I read your posts when i need a good relief for being on this diet ) too funny.

    Scottish Fairy: Good going on figuring out the dosage. Its a relief when things do fall in place.

    Tomthekitty: I will try the soup today, it sounds delish ! I still havent figured out which brand of Grissini is ok.

    Detox Bath Question: How many of you are doing it? Seems like a majority. I haven't so far and am thinking is it really that important?

    Chachie: How i would love to be in your spot. Congratulations !

    For my update, overall i have lost but at the same slow rate. Like i said, will keep going till Day 23 and then decide if i want to stay on.
    I have noticed, if i walk for 35 minutes, my weight loss is about .6 the next day. Am thinking i will try it this week to see if its consistant.
    Also, i have stopped taking teas. I dont know why but i just take one a day in the morning and the rest of the day, its all water.
    Is tea really important. I dont feel weak but do get exhausted by the end of the day.
    Going to see the Doc today

    Have a great day !

    Start Date: Feb 23rd

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    Day 5 = 229.4 (.6)
    Day 6 = 228.6 (.8)
    Day 7 = 228.4 (.2)
    Day 8 = 227.8 (.6)
    Day 9 = 226.8 (1.0)
    Day 10 = 226.4 (.4)
    Day 11 = 226.4
    Day 12 = 225.8 (.6)
    Day 12 = 226.4 (gained .6) 225.8
    Day 13 = 224.2 (2.2)

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    Good morning all,

    Woke up to the devastating news from Japan. The scenes of devastation on BBCNews are truly apocalyptic. So horrible. It certainly puts things in perspective and I feel guilty for whining over the 2" of snow I woke up to this morning.

    Speaking of whining, and stomping feet, and screeching like a banshee.... No loss this morning. I feel like I will never get to the 10lb mark. I am beginning to hate week 2. It sucks. I do think I am on TOM (hard to tell when you don't actually bleed sorry TMI) but all the signs are here including a belly that looks 5 months pregnant, and raving like a lunatic. I am also hungry and craving everything from peanut butter to pizza to barbecue chips. Hopefully it only lasts a day or so. I am going to go read the stall thread over again because it makes me feel better.

    Congrats to all who have lost this morning. I am going to crawl back in bed with my Nook, and a pot of triple threat tea. Then perhaps I will not murder my husband tonight when the bast*$% comes home with fish and chips for him and the boys for dinner. (did I say that out loud?)


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    LIW: 129.2

    Losses 16.8 lbs in Round 3.

    Start p3: 12/04/11

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    Hello Lovely Divas,
    I just found this thread. I started my vlcd on 2/25. I'm doing 40 days of injections. Hope the scale is good to everyone today!

    41yrs 5'5"
    R1 Loss 25.8 End lbs
    R2 Loss -9lbs
    D1VLCD -2.6 LBS
    D2VLCD -1.8LBS
    D3VLCD +1

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotpinkbikini View Post
    Good Morning lovely divas!
    Something that helped me for days where you are really hungry.. last night for dinner I made chicken soup. I made my own broth (because finding acceptable broth at my supermarket was like winning the lottery). I boiled the chicken in a bunch of water, added a bunch of spices and fresh cilantro, celery and cut up one whole onion for the flavour. When it was done, i strained out the onion and shredded my chicken portion and I was left with a delicious soup!
    Big losses to all
    When you say boil chicken do you just put a breast of chicken in water and boil it?

    Thanks, M
    2013 - Back again!

    05/13/2012 R3/VLCD1/HCG Injections

    Start weight after loading 215 lbs (baby weight, am 10 weeks postpartum)

    Goal for this round; 30 lbs in 35 days

    Start; 02/21/2011

    Height 5'7
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    1st Round finished April 1st: 43 days lost 24lbs

    2nd Round finished May 31st: 23 days lost 12lbs

    Total loss after 2 rounds of HCG; 36lbs
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    Howdy, Divas!

    Twingle, I use the "DeLallo" brand of grissini. They are made with olive oil and are approximately 23 calories apiece. I hope that helps.

    Scottishfairy, week 2 does kind of suck. I am glad it is almost over. Be glad you have a Nook. I love my Kindle. It has helped me tune out and not turn to food.

    I was down 1.8 today (makes up for the .8 gain yesterday) and am feeling good so far. VERY busy at work, so this took forever to write. Have a great day, Divas!!!
    "The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live."--Socrates

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    Scottishfairy: Your dedication is evident. I hope you can find a happy balance. Did you try the protocol that’s written for vegetarians? (I’m sure you did, I just don’t remember). I am sure your schedule is playing havoc with your diet. I don’t envy you, Girl. If you are going to add beef, I think you should make every effort to buy organic, grassfed. Since your body has not had any in almost three years, there is no need to risk shocking it with pesticides, etc. It looks expensive, but for what little amount we are allowed, it really works out to be very affordable. You are not a hypocrite, nor are you weak; stop picking on yourself! You are a wonderful human being who is a vegetarian wanting to lose weight and works odd hours – not a thing in all of that to judge.

    Hotpinkbikini: What brand of drops are you using?

    Jesskewl – I agree with everything the wise Divas have said about those stinkin’ women! The healthier you get, the worse they will behave, so be prepared. Some women in the workplace can be frustrating at times. I remember when I was young and single, many of the old bags were jealous of that. Then when I got married, they were jealous of that. Just remember it is their problem. Don’t let it get you down. It has nothing at all to do with you.

    Hcg23: My extra baggage is fairly new (4+ years), so if I really sit down and think about it I could probably come close to placing the distribution route … LOL … Where I made my mistake was ignoring the accumulation of back fat. Mine first goes to my stomach, then a little to the thighs while the back fat is piling on. If only I had addressed the issue when the rolls started appearing on the back. Now it’s everywhere! Once I am back where I need to be, it will not happen again. I’ll have the two-pound rule to keep those rolls from accumulating. It is miserable!

    I’m sure there’s an official recipe for celery soup somewhere, but what I did was: Chopped a 32 oz bag of celery (it actually weighed 44 ozs), in chunks of about 1-1/2”. Added 32 oz. of fat-free chicken broth, sea salt, cayenne pepper, fresh garlic cloves (sliced) and 3.5 oz pieces of chicken breast. I just cooked it on low and let it simmer until the celery and chicken were cooked. That made four portions. Since I am from Cajun descent, I probably put more cayenne in than most would. Also, our recipes always go something like this: “you put in enough, but not too much; you cook it on hot, but not too hot; you cook it long enough, but not too long, etc. …. LOL …. I’m not kidding – that’s how most of the recipes were handed down to me.

    Kagee: Thanks for all of your wonderful posts. I ordered my B-12 online. I’m sure you’re aware of the sources, but if not, let me know. I went ahead and ordered the complex this time, but you can order just straight B-12, and Folic Acid, as well.

    Tempokat: I understand how hard it must be to work this around kids’ menus. Our last two are in college, so I haven’t had the difficulty that you and others with kiddos at home have. But Spring Break for both of them is this coming week. Normally, they do come home for Spring Break. This year, both have been undecided. My feelings on this have been interesting. I love my kids more than life. I love for them to come home. But this week, I am so hoping they don’t. I feel terrible even saying it. One is a heavy eater and loves his carbs. If I don’t cook his favorite things, he will be going to Taco Bell, Whataburger, etc., so, of course, I will cook for him to prevent that. The other one is a vegetarian and will be more than happy to eat celery soup and tomatoes with me. But he will have that rice cooker humming all week – and I am missing my rice, so that could be painful for me. Plus, they are both Bio-Chem majors, and I do not want to argue with them about the science of what I’m doing. I just want to do my thing, lose the weight, then discuss what I did later.

    Taraross: I agree. You need to weigh at the same time every day. Preferably after you empty your bladder upon rising, and prior to eating or drinking anything. Those pounds are going to fluctuate, so don’t let it frustrate you. Off-diet, my weight usually fluctuates 3-5 lbs in a day, sometimes more. Last week, I was weighing when I first woke up, after I emptied my bladder – then I would go back to bed for about an hour and weigh again when I woke up. The second time, I was weighing less by .6, .8, .2, .6, .6 -- finally I decided to just go with the first weigh-in, even though the number is a little higher. The thread on Stalls is a good one to read. Dr. Simeons also addresses it very well in Pounds & Inches.

    Slyspyder: I’m so sorry you are having to suffer with that miserable rash. Did you happen to do a cleanse prior to starting P2. If so, then it is easily explained. Either way, it is probably something your body is wanting to get rid of – better out than in. I’m not sure if your rash is flat or pimply, so I’m not sure if this would work for you, but there is a product called Fuller’s Earth that many people swear by for acne and other skin problems. I have a girlfriend who finally broke down and bought it for her teenage sons after they had tried every doctor and every prescription known at the time. Fuller’s Earth, followed by Aloe Vera, completely took care of the problem for both of her boys, and she swears by it. I have never used Fuller’s Earth, but I do use a clay called Pascolite, and that is what I have on hand at home. Here’s a site that carries the cosmetic grade Fuller’s Earth Just always be sure when you are buying any type of clay that you get cosmetic grade or food grade as opposed to the industrial grade. And if you decide to try this, be sure you follow the treatment with Aloe Vera.

    ChaChie! Welcome Back! And what, may I ask, are you giving up for Lent, Cher’? LMAO There is a poster on another thread who said her doctor suggested a major cheat day to reboot her metabolism. I wouldn’t suggest that to anybody, but since you went rogue out of “necessity,” and have already had an unavoidable “cheat,” I thought you would be interested in reading her blog:

    Tomthekitty: Too cool that you are buying mediums! I can’t wait to shop my closet for mediums. Congrats! And Asparagus Soup may be my next experiment. Thanks for reminding me that I have a Vitamix in the pantry.

    Redrobin: Welcome! You are right on the same schedule as most of us. I started VLCD on February 28th. It’s great to have you!

    Maura: Congratulations on finally receiving your kit! How did that first injection go?

    cruzin4us: Welcome to the mix. I am envious of your protocol, and will be watching close to see if I may risk mixing fruits and vegetables on my next round. I just don’t want to stray from the original protocol right now, but it sure does make my mouth water to think about mixing vegetables.

    EDIT: I just read another post where you may be changing your protocol to the original one. Do you mind sharing the rest of your protocol with us. I’m just curious to compare what everybody is getting from their various clinics.

    If you aren’t already taking Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), you may want to add that. It serves many wonderful purposes, but it is full of potassium, which would really benefit you.

    Thanks for the article you posted on water consumption!

    Skippie: I’m a beer drinker too, so I feel for you. I have been fixing Perrier on ice with a twist of lemon, and pouring it in one of my beer glasses every night. Every now and then, I will add a little Stevia just to change it up a bit. For your parade, you could do that and add a little bit of liquid chlorophyll – or make a celery juice.

    Sonia: LOL … I need to change the batteries in mine, and I’ve been thinking the same thing.

    MaryM: Stalls

    Ruby: I hope you're busy with work or life and not busy evacuating.

    All: I apologize: (1) for this being so long (2) for any typos, and (3) if I left anybody out. I just looked at the clock and I have got to go! Hugs to all!


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