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Thread: Easy Recipes?

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    Easy Recipes?

    Ok so i need some easy recipes that id be able to make and take to school? but i also need the calorie count per serving i cant seem to find any recipe with the calorie count :/ Please help school start the 22nd and i habe no clue what to do

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    My fav HCG recipe that can be a "make and take" food is HCG Onion Rings! This recipe is from DIY HCG, Inc. www.diyhcg.com

    Onion Rings

    80g sliced onion rings
    1 grissini breadstick
    1 T skim milk (as allowed daily)
    1/4 t cayenne pepper
    1/4 t salt
    1/4 t pepper

    Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. In a bowl combine the milk, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and mix together. Grind grissini in food processor until it is a powder. (I use my coffee grinder.) Put grissini in a separate small bowl. Place rings in batter bowl and toss to coat fully. (It's best to use your hands here to ensure you coat each ring.) Let sit in batter 2-3 mins then toss again. Dip each ring into the grissini powder by hand. I find it works best to do these one at a time, rolling the ring in the grissini coating instead of tossing or shaking it on. Place on cookie sheet lined with non-stick aluminum foil. Cook 6-7 mins. Then flip, cooking an additional 6-7 mins.

    The calories would depend on how much onion you use and how many calories are in your specific brands of grissini sticks. This recipe is from : http://www.diyhcg.com/phase-2-recipes

    I hope this helps. Here's to being skinny!

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    Can you heat stuff at School in a microwave? If so, my suggestion would be brown your lean ground beef, add some sugar free seasonings, cook til done. Put in storage container. Then have a sandwich bag with some lettuce. Heat the meat and pour over the lettuce and mix. Adding some spicy brown mustard adds to the flavor too. You can do the same with chicken. It has been one of the easiest meals for me. Pretty good too!

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    This protocol has taught me a lot about myself!

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