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Thread: Who else feels better overall in P2 physically?

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    Who else feels better overall in P2 physically?

    I have been feeling better physically on p2 than I do normally. More energy, drive, sleep better no appetite. It's almsot too good to be true. I'm very thankful as other rounds haven't been like this and normally I can struggle with how I feel. Anyone else enjoy P2? Because of the lack of hunger and like you said Leez, eating high quality food is a treat, I don't feel deprived!

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    I agree, P2 is not really deprivation for me. I have been eating a ketogenic diet of whole foods for 5 years, so the only change I make for P2 is to cut out fats. I love that hcg, even the tiny doses in hhcg, keeps me from being hungry.

    After my first hcg round, I decided to change to keto - it was an easy segue, just added back healthy fats and kept my carbs very low. Over that first year, I lost 50 lbs which I have mostly kept off. Like everyone else, I have times where I get lazy and gain, but a round of hhcg helps.

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    That is amazing Giz9gig! Yes, I agree. I've tried loosing weight with other things like Trim Healthy Mama or just keto and it doesn't work. I mean other than maybe 1lb but really does it stay off? Not really. I did loose like 15 lbs because of stress and sickness but that just doesn't count. I wasn't eating. It came back on later too.

    Thankful for hcg. Hoping to have a smooth P3 transition. That will be something new for me as I haven't had a smooth p3 before yet.


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