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Thread: Examples of Daily Meals

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    Examples of Daily Meals

    I hate starting new threads but if someone could point to another thread with this information I will delete this one. I start VLCD on Monday and just wanted to see some examples of peoples meal plans. I have found tons and tons of recipes for P2 and people's suggestions for substitutions but for people who are finding success or on R2 or more whats a typical meal plan for any day in P2? Not recipes but more so just

    Greatly appreciate it

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    I usually have an apple/orange/hanful of strawberries at about 10 - I guess thats breakfast

    Lunch Chilli (ground beef/tomato/SF chilli powder)

    Dinner (Chicken strips or broiled shrimp and my next veggie I love tomato or broiled onions or asparagus those are 75% of my dinner veggies)

    The last fruit is added whenever/if ever hungry - some days it gets skipped

    it about finding what works for you.
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    Cup of coffee when I get up.

    9:30 ish, an apple

    Lunch: usually 100 grams of chicken, just cooked and seasoned, with salad and mustard dressing. (homemade)
    chili with my grissini as a cracker. LOL DELICIOUS. Seriously!!!

    2:30 orange or another apple

    Dinner: Same as above but I usually try to have chicken at one meal and beef at the other. So I might have a hamburger for lunch if I had chicken with salad. Or I might have chicken with cucumbers if I had a hamburger or chili for lunch. Sometimes with grisini, sometimes not.

    Fish is always a good choice, and while I can get fresh fish, it just doesnt really appeal to me.

    Good luck!!
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    I have an apple about 10 Then try to eat small ch breast for lunch with a little salad Then for Dinner lean burger Good luck
    That chicken over there belongs to me ---> Txchik9 (daughter)

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    Thank you all for your response! Got some great ideas!


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