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Thread: Grammy Question. Can too much HCG cause a GAIN!?!?

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    Grammy Question. Can too much HCG cause a GAIN!?!?

    Okay, I have to start this by saying how amazing it is that I lost 20 lbs in 21 days!

    I am on the HCG Drops and went to the Doc to get the second 3 weeks worth on Wednesday(3 days ago). I also stopped by the grocery store to pick up my next few days worth of food. I was sooo burnt out on chicken that I decided to substitute it with shrimp. I weigh EVERYTHING and I honestly never ever ever cheat. I want to look good naked sooo bad that cheating isn't even in my vocab.

    On Thursday morning, I decided since I still had some leftover of my older Drops that I would take my usual dose of the new stuff - and - a little bit of the old stuff.

    Friday and Saturday (today) I have been sooooo hungry. Friday I didn't lose anything and I figured that it was a stall which I was prepared to handle because I have been so lucky so far. Then, this morning, a 1 lb gain. A gain is not a stall. I have read in some of the posts that people can be sensitive to shrimp. I can cut this out since I really can't stand eating it anyway but, is it also possible that the extra Drops could have been a factor in the (gulp) gain?

    Is too much HCG the possible cause of a gain? I think this question is so important. Many doctors and HCG peeps may be making this same mistake and not even aware!

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    Oh yes the wrong dose can totally mess up your losses. That fact totally destroys the notion that it's the diet alone that causes the gain.Skip 2 doses to get your blood level back.
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