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Thread: HCG drops, TOM and weight gain ...

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    Started HCG 4/9/2011 fourtsixand2's Avatar
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    HCG drops, TOM and weight gain ...

    Apologies if this has been addressed ... I searched the forum but only saw responses to those using injections.

    I'm on the sublingual drops, began spotting yesterday, and am now on my TOM. I woke up, weighed .2 oz more than the day before and have chugged water all day.

    I continue taking the drops, correct? Also, when TOM is over, have you seen a good loss as you normally would when not on hcg?

    Any tips to keep TOM gain down to a minimum, or any tips to greater losses when it's ended?
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    round 1 phase 1 starting tomorrow

    Re: HCG drops, TOM and weight gain ...

    Would like to see responses to this too, I am planning to start my load tomorrow, and drops on Tuesday. What is TOM?

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    Duchess tmott24's Avatar
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    Re: HCG drops, TOM and weight gain ...

    I typically stall on my TOM but will drop a good pound or two when it's over. Also, if it's a super long TOM which is known to happen with hcg I will start losing after a few days of it, like when it is due to be over.
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    Re: HCG drops, TOM and weight gain ...

    I stall or gain up to 4 pounds before TOM, usually start dropping the weight after the first day or two. It's frustrating but it passes. I have zero losses for this week because of it
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    Re: HCG drops, TOM and weight gain ...

    Quote Originally Posted by jbirdx View Post
    What is TOM?
    TOM is short for Time Of (the) Month or period

    simeon said to skip during it because he thought that our bodies released HCG during that time, we now know that is not true! Don't stop dosing during this time unless you feel like testing his theory out

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    I had very little if any weight loss right before and during my TOM. But it did pick up afterward. I did continue to take my drops with one problems.

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    I have just finished my TOM and did not stop taking HCG during. While I lost some weight during the actual days, today I have gained .8lb. This is towards the end or after the last day. Is this normal? Please help!
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    Hey guys, I have a friend that's on the pill and thus doesn't have TOM. I was wondering if she's still allowed to be on it during hcg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeggieBonbon View Post
    I have just finished my TOM and did not stop taking HCG during. While I lost some weight during the actual days, today I have gained .8lb. This is towards the end or after the last day. Is this normal? Please help!
    Hi VeggieBonbon,
    It is very normal, depends on your body and how it does with water retention. With TOm I still lost but there might have been a period where I noticed a slight gain of 0.2 pounds. My gains are usually very little. its just water weight, it drops off a day or two after your last day of TOM. hang in there. Oh and I never skip the injections during TOM. I didn't notice much change in flow or anything. Cramps hurt the same, relieved with advil, flow about the same, lighter on the last two days. Slight water retention, but not noticable as before when I was in 200s.
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    Hello... I'm new to forum but on R2P2 with drops. I did well with drops...followed diet to the mark lost 35 first round, 30 second round. I am in week 1 of R2P3 and got my period 5 days ago...I gained 4 lbs and CANNOT get it off of me! I know with TOM comes water retention, etc...I tried a steak day immediately due to scale going up over 2 lbs... only lost .5 After reading some posts, I tried high protein days.. only dairy i had was 2 hard boiled eggs after hearing that dairy can sometimes stop from losing. I only drink water with lemon juice...tons! Protein I have is chicken, steak, roastbeef, crab and an occasional sausage... I even left out fruit to see if it would help get these last pounds off...Did another steak day yesterday and only down another .8lb I don't really put any sauces/dressings on my meat with fear of hidden culprits sometimes a dab of mayo....
    I don't mean to fret about a measily 4 lbs but I busted my butt to get there and I really want to get back

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    Senior Member slyspyder's Avatar
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    Well, eggs aren't dairy. Have you been eating eggs from the start? You could have an issue with eggs. Your sausage probably has sugar in it but that shouldn't cause 4 lbs. Are you done with TOM yet? If not it might come off afterwards.
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