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Thread: help with fatigue during workout

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    help with fatigue during workout

    Hi! I am on phase 2 VLCD day 16 and need some help with fatigue and stamina during workout/tennis lesson. My heart rate is thru the roof and I feel like I have no reserves in my muscles. The 2 weeks prior I was ok. I am not working out hard otherwise, just 2 or 3 mile walks with my Golden a couple times a week. how do I manage my nutrition and caloric intake on this diet so I can prepare my body?

    Also, I’m trying to get the most weight off during this round of HCG and I know those last few lbs can be harder/slower to come off. My plan was to go 28 days on the VLCD and add another week for a total of 35 days to eek out those extra pounds. Does that sound reasonable or should I stick to the shorter protocol, stablize during P3 and P4 and start another round?

    Thanks in advance.

    starting weight 148.8
    4/30/21 load
    05/03/21 day 1 of VLCD
    05/18/21 weight 138.6
    Goal 125Lbs

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    It sounds like you may be low on potassium during your workouts. You might try hydrating with some pink salt added to your water (which will also give you other needed minerals), or try a potassium supplement and see if that helps the fatigue. Low potassium feels similar to lactic acid build up--it makes your muscles feel heavy and you have to really push to keep going.

    As a general rule, you are not going to have much stamina during P2. The reserves are just not there. But if it is a recent change, then some troubleshooting is in order.

    Its almost always a better idea for stabilization to do a longer round than shorter ones if you have that option. But as long as you make it to 30 dose days, reports suggest your stabilization will be as solid as if you did 40 doses.
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    Thank you so much, and yes, salt and potassium make sense. Appreciate you!

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    Go to the men’s den and read my posts. I play a lot of tennis and chronicle not only my diet but how it affects my tennis play.

    Long story short, once you get into the second week it is very tough on your tennis game. Simply put, you do not have enough fuel in the gas tank and your tennis game will suffer. There is no getting around it other than giving up tennis while on P2. That is not an option for me so I push through. I am in good enough shape that I can get to all balls but my legs break down and I make more errors than I am accustomed to. On the back side, I actually get accustomed to playing with low fuel and once I transition to P3 I struggle again because I have too much fuel and have a hard time acclimating (over running shots etc).

    It all of that is small issues. The very big issue is to recognize that while on P2 you are leaving the door open to injury if you push it too hard. That is a genuine threat. Be careful and listen to your body. Shut it down if anything feels “off”.

    And yes, potassium supplements are never a bad idea. Don’t skimp on the sea salt when seasoning your food either.


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