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Thread: Help with stall, please!!!!

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    Help with stall, please!!!!

    (cross posted in the "Stalls" sticky thread).

    Stall broke after 7 days. yay!

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    Hi - I'm pretty new to this diet so won't have all the answers, just want to let you know I've been going through just about the same thing for 2 weeks - really thought I was just going to toss in the towel - but this morning VOILA! 2 lbs loss....go figure. I think it's just our bodies react differently and even when we stall, something is happening. Did you measure yourself? I did see that my inches were decidedly changing - that did help. Hang in there - just keep your eye on the end goal. I really think you will win!

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    Unfortunately, you're already at a healthy weight for your height. You'll probably see a lot of stalls, slow losses, slight gains, etc. because you probably don't have much abnormal fat. I would say keep going if you want, but don't expect high losses since you're at a healthy weight.
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    Like mentioned HCG isn't for dieting to the low side of a healthy BMI that is why so many get frustrated with it. It was designed for obese patients and to stop or seriously slow down when you lose most (not necessarily every ounce) of abnormal fat. What a lot of people think is abnormal fat is not abnormal, as women we are designed to have more fat in certain areas than others and it's very hard to lose that fat.


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