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Thread: Hungry despite i.m. Injections

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    That's totally awesome!
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    Is it best to skip a day of injection rather than just lowering the dose for hunger and dialing in the dose. I have been hungry the last couple of days. Wondering if I'm too high dose. My hunger is usually in the day time.

    So do I just lower dose or skip a day then lower the dose?

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    Its especially important to skip a day when you suspect your dose is too high. I think your suspicion is probably right, because of when your hunger is occurring. But skipping will tell you for sure.

    Dose too high will result in relief from hunger by late afternoon/early evening

    Dose too low will result in more hunger by late afternoon/early evening.

    Skipping allows the levels to come down quickly, then the next day, you start again at your adjusted lower dose. You'll feel better faster, and your losses will be on track again faster.

    The only time when you would not skip a day is if you've just done so, discovered your dose was too low, and find that you didn't raise it enough. At that point you could increase a bit more without doing the skip day.
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    I found thus thread very informative...and new to me... the morning vs evening hunger and will definitely make a note of it for future reference

    interestingly it is extremely rare even on a ‘normal’ diet that i am hungry in the mornings.. i have really no interest in breakfast so for me i never experience that... however in the afternoon when I finish work i often feel peckish... habit rather than hunger... Started out on the normal .25 units... but after the first few days of pekishness i dropped it to .23 ish... probably about 115iUs... and worked like a bomb... also possibly age related... even though i have not been on HCG in a number of years... seems the slightly lighter dose is what the doctor ordered... fingers crossed

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