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Thread: Need ideas - teacher taking lunch to school

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    Need ideas - teacher taking lunch to school

    I work in a preschool teaching 4 year olds. I have done the hcg diet many times (losing the same dadgum 30 pounds over and over - thoughts on that for another thread) but I do know the OP pretty well. BUT my school has been closed for the last three months and is reopening Monday with pretty strict guidelines to keep the germs as under control as possible. That means no fridge and no microwave as they are considered 'shared spaces' and even the kids will be bringing lunches that don't need to be heated or kept cold. I USED to get off work at 1 and just wait to eat until I got home but my hours will be changing and I'll need to eat at school. I can bring a salad and keep it on a cold pack so I'll get creative there even though I'm pretty much a repetitive eater with a few of my favorites.

    Ideas? Anything you can think of that would work in a lunchbox with no fridge and no microwave?

    I'm on day 3 and not sure if I'm going to do a short round or a long one. I'm thinking short because - ugh. Then repeat in a few weeks/cycle.

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    Grilled Chicken, Steak, or Shrimp don't need refrigeration if eaten the same day. So if you can get an insulated lunch bag you can pop those and a bagged salad or cucumbers and be good to go til lunch time. I've done this when I've had to go to all day meetings or conferences on P2.
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