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Thread: I'm Back - Hoping for Accountability Partners

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    I'm Back - Hoping for Accountability Partners

    Hi all. I am a seasoned HCGer. I have lost a lot and gained a lot by going back to eating horribly after massive successes. I hit 200.6 pounds in December, my highest weight ever by 20 pounds! I wash horrified to weigh in and my stupid smart scale had to verify it was me because I gained so much . I was taken off birth control because of high blood pressure and was taking about 10 antacids a day to keep heartburn at bay! Ugh!

    So I started this round of HCG on Dec. 10th. I am down 19 pounds and feel great (even though I am currently experiencing a dumb stall). No more heartburn! This is my first time on protocol for my health and not vanity! I even signed up for a Healthywager bet to keep myself accountable so I am in it to win it for a 50 pound loss. This forum proved invaluable in my past journeys and I am sad to see it so quiet now. Feel free to message if you want to support each other!

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    Welcome back Bonnieann!....
    Lockdown has been really hard on the scales for everyone...
    I found myself just .2 lbs shy of your start weight nut have luckily dropped 22of that in my round started in September
    Even though the forum appears quiet,,,, there is a lot going on and great losses

    Wishing you all of the best on the remainder... did you do a short round or do you still have about 2 weeks left on P2?
    ~AKA Yvonne SA~
    Greetings from Sunny South Africa!
    Round 3 - Loading 16 Apr '21 - start weight 76.4/168.1
    Round 2 - Jan-Mar '21 - lost 5kgs/11lbs
    Round 1 - Sept-Nov '20 - lost 10kgs/22lbs


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