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Thread: IM injections

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    IM injections


    I am on my round of HCG and this time I'm really having a hard time finding the right dose. I change up or down and it seems ok for a few days and then it's not. So I am taking a week off and will return after my birthday. I intend to do IM this time since that seems to be a good way to deal with dosing problems. My question is, I have never done IM before. How do it do it and where? The videos online look like it's a two person job and I will have to do it myself. Can someone describe the process.

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    I inject by myself. You can do it on your thigh very easily or in your high hip with some trouble twisting around. LOL If you google it, you can find many videos. I think it's wise to switch with the problems you've been having.
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