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Thread: January 11 & 12 Loaders support

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    I do have a question for everyone ...
    What vitamins are you using? I have not been supplementing, and I know I need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mouse83 View Post
    Hello everyone. Start loading tomorrow even though basically been loading this week.... All right the past few months. Haha. Studying hard for my final exam tomorrow, been so stressed ended up getting a gout attack. Boo!! So me and my Cain will hobble in and do the exam... Pass with flying colours and then read all the posts I've missed.

    This egg drop soup.... Haven't tried it before. I probably missed the post but how is it made? Craving vlcd already!!!!

    Excellent losses everyone. Espresso I had this evening is keeping me up so I'll get back to studying and then hopefully catch a few zzzs before need to get up.

    Caution regarding melatonin.... It can cause the opposite effect and keep You up all night. Does that to everyone in my family. It's like a bunch of espresso shots have been injected into your body and you get all jittery and wide awake. Not nice. I believe it works for most people but just something to watch out for.

    One last question... Anyone taking b12 this round? Last few rounds I took a sublingual pill everyday... Am looking to buy some and wondered if anyone could suggest one without sweeteners or many fillers. I take a prenatal everyday but it's in fish oil so I will stop that for this round. Debating about stopping my lecithin as well but I take 6 a day to help my liver.... Might try and see if it slows losses. Well my rambles.

    Happy releasing everyone and don't worry I won't post what I'm loading on.

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    I use B12 spray under my tongue, www.dietshop.com

    Same place I get my HCGASAP homeopathic drops, it has Stevia only.
    ~ Karen
    I'm 58 and 5'5

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    Hey! All is well here. I ate a few bites of this and that while making my daughters' dinners. On Thursday nights we have "pick your own dinner" night, and so I generally end up making several different dinners. I "sampled" too much from each one!!! Next time I will try to chew a piece of sugar free gum during my cooking time. I know it's not exactly protocol, but better than the spaghetti, cake and cheese I sampled last night. I'm not upset about such a small loss, since I thought I might gain today!

    AND, I have trouble sleeping on HCG. I wish I would use the time more productively, but usually just catch up on the DVR instead.

    Have a great day!

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    Mouse, I had b12 shots during my first round but after that I did not take them. I tried taking it in pill form but I am really bad about pills so I would take it once or twice a week when I remembered and didn’t feel a difference.

    Sarahsmiles: just think of the no loss as an “adjustment day.” Your body is tightening up and this is how the inches become smaller.

    Mindy Sue: good drop. Was this loading weight or new weight loss?

    Lava: next time have your family sample it. A little bit here and there adds up. I know how hard it can be to not do it but remember that HCG makes you very sensitive and even a bite can affect you big time. Glad you still had a loss which from your stats you are down more than a pound which is so awesome.

    AFM, Another day of not weighing in. My friend doesn’t have a scale to weigh in so when I stay there instead of my house then it throws me off. I have to confess that I had a little bit of diet soda last night. I know some people have drank it during HCG but I haven’t. I drank maybe half a cup only so Im sure it won’t affect me too much but it still feels like a cheat. It’s getting harder and harder to eat clean. I have not been feeling my best this round. I’m afraid that I won’t get better and have to quit vlcd. I have a headache and feel a bit weak and tired. I think I will eat some melba today see if that helps. I think im having regular food and bread withdrawals. haha
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    Hey everyone! **Warning I'm a grumpy bear today**
    Down 1 lb today, I don't know why I didn't drink enough or eat all my foods yesterday AND I cheated last night and ate a cookie and had a couple sips of wine. I found out my stupid car needs like 600$ in parts for EFF sakes! I just can't handle financial troubles, I am back on the wagon and praising the HCG gods for allowing that 1 lb drop but I feel like I will pay for it tomorrow. I also went for a long walk yesterday, it was just so nice and I decided to skip the bus home and hoof it instead. It feels good to get the exercise in, but holy does walking up a hill tire me out wayyyy more now!
    I hate being stressed out, I'm such an emotional eater and the lemonade just wasn't cutting it last night...
    I am also nervous heading into the weekend, I already told a friend that I wouldn't be joining them at a house party tonight, I just have too much going on and its push push push to get me to go....I DON'T WANT TO I'M GRUMPY

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    Today has been pretty good for me. When I woke up this morning I was down 2.4lbs. YAY!

    SarahSmiles8: Don't sweat it. You will definitely lose tomorrow. I had a day earlier this week where I didn't lose any, I had another day where I only lost .2lbs.

    Allie: I'm taking D3-5000, B12 and MaxGXL Anti-oxidant.

    Lava: I've done that too... sampled while cooking. I have two boys who are teenagers... I usually make them something else when I cook for my wife and I. Having the gum does help.

    Happy Weekend everyone!

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    VLCD-Day 16: 216.8
    VLCD-Day 17: 215.4

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    towerspowers - loading weight but still feels great!
    misscartwright – I hope you feel better tomorrow. It’s a new day, and it’s ok to be grumpy once in a while, sometimes for no reason at all.

    Allie88 – I’m taking B12 & potassium
    START DATE - March 20, 2015----injections----GOAL WEIGHT -.135...

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    I hope is ok if I join this group....... I am loading today and Saturday... i already feel Cold UGh
    I am enjoying my coffee with CoffeeMate........ That is my weekness and I am attempting to eat all the Mac nuts i have stock piled
    As they will yell at me next week
    Got the grocery list made and headed to the grocery store tonight after work.
    I have gained back 30# of 73# I lost in 2011 and 2012 so hope this round see 20# gone
    Good luck my Friends
    Just ME

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    This Diet is NOT just about loosing weight, but about loosing your BAD habits that got you to your start weight in the first place.

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    Checking in with my losers... Just thought I would share a pic of my dinner with you all. I know some have mentioned their bored with food already. So, here's my Buffalo Chicken tenders with a "Blooming Onion" with a side of spicy mustard for dipping.

    Easy to do with a feel of eating out.

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    08/28/15: My Baby Boy @ 9.3lbs
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    01/09/17: R7: 172.6lbs~LDW: 152.2 09/18/17: R8: 181lbs~LDW: 159
    01/16/18: R9: 181lbs ~ VLCD37 LDW: 158 = -23lbs
    04/23/18: R10: 164.4

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    Your dinner looks delicious. Would you mind sharing the recipes. Thanks so much. Fellow 1/11 and 1/12 loader.

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    YUMMMMM SarahSmiles!!!! That looks DELISH!!!!!

    Yes, please do tell us the recipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlaskaLadyie View Post
    I hope is ok if I join this group....... I am loading today and Saturday... i already feel Cold UGh
    I am enjoying my coffee with CoffeeMate........ That is my weekness and I am attempting to eat all the Mac nuts i have stock piled
    As they will yell at me next week
    Got the grocery list made and headed to the grocery store tonight after work.
    I have gained back 30# of 73# I lost in 2011 and 2012 so hope this round see 20# gone
    Good luck my Friends
    Just ME
    We are loading the same days . Are you doing a short or long round?

    Ld1 ate fats... Got sick. Boo!! Trying to get enough fatty foods in me but it seems like my system wants them gone.

    Passed my exam. Woot!!!! Now to find a job....

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