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Thread: Love shopping now with smaller sizes and want to keep going. Getting greedy!

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    Love shopping now with smaller sizes and want to keep going. Getting greedy!

    I just wanted to give some inspiration to anyone struggling out there. Last summer, I was 180 lbs. and wearing size 14/16. Hated shopping and really hated summer clothes. I lost 20 pounds on Jenny Craig last fall, then lost 20 more with hcg this summer. Now I'm 140 (reached my goal) wearing size 6 and it's so much more fun to shop! I never dreamed that I could get this small again at age 50.

    Now I'm getting greedy and thinking about doing another round to lose another 10 - 15. I read Dr. simeons book and his goal is for everyone to get to their ideal weight and lose the abnormal fat. I still have a few pounds of blubber on each thigh and my stomach and hips. Dont' get me wrong - I love how much better I look and feel, but just thinking about going another round to really lose all the abnormal fat. Has anyone else gotten greedy and gone beyond their goal?

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    I would not do it. I've seen too many gals get into the mindset of perfect and they end up with an eating disorder and a whacked out sense of what they really look like. Perfection is impossible. Don't fall into the trap of trying to attain it.
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