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Thread: Meniscus Tear - Looking for feedback

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    Meniscus Tear - Looking for feedback


    On Load Day #2, I went on a jog with my dog on lead. I wasn't prepared for him seeing and bolting after a squirrel that ran across our path, and in the event I injured my knee. I am now on VLD day 21 and have received the results of an MRI indicating a tear in my Meniscus. I am pretty much pain free, but am scared about combining the notion of knee surgery and how it will affect my progress. Last time I was on HCG, ironically I broke my jaw in week 2 on a fluke sailing accident. There were no options other than urgent surgery and I ended up gaining 10 pounds in 24 hours due to a combination of IV fluids, probably some sugar and oil and my body going into shock mode holding onto all water. I had to end my round and now am back in that same situation, albeit with a bit more flexibility on timing.

    My plan is to postpone surgery until after I'm done with P2, but am unsure how long I should wait thereafter. Assuming there are no side effect, should I get through the entire P3 and have the procedure done as I'm going into P4 or as I go into P3? My concern with the latter is I'm not giving my body to adjust with my new weight and will lose stabilization. As I write this, I find myself coming to my own conclusions, but would love feedback, especially if you've experienced this before.

    Thanks for your help and thoughts!

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    If you can wait until P3 is finished, that would be the best option. As you said, the IV fluids (lots of glucose) will mess with the stabilization. Since you are not in pain and seem to have the option to wait, waiting till you are in P4 seems the best course in order to preserve your HCG progress.

    Because you need lots of protein for healing, surgery during P2 is not a good idea, because you are getting just the bare minimum amount.
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