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Thread: New and miserable. HELP

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    Okay - I'm ordering more today from Nu Image and will look into whatever mixing instructions here on the forum.

    *Can you tell me what I'm supposed to be drawing the IM needle to?

    I'm just drawing that amount because Diet Doc said 125 with regular needles.
    I told them I'm going to inject IM needles - they just said they don't recommend IM and wouldn't support that decision. So therefore no advice.

    That's why I'm asking for help with the draw on the IM needle. I have no idea. Thanks Grammy.

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    If .125 is 125 iu which seems likely, that's the dose you want. Next time mix 5000 iu with 10 cc of fluid. Then you would draw the needle to .25 or 25 units.
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    I'd love to get some help with mixing from you grammy1952 & Leez.

    I just received my new batch of hcg from Nu Image Medical. I really don't want to mess up mixing this time around.

    10 ML B 12 / MIC solution
    5000 iu HCG powder
    1/2 cc or 0.5 mL insulin syringes

    Their MIXING instructions: 5 ml with 5000 iu hcg. *(Based on your advice above Grammy, do I instead mix the whole vial of 10 ML?)

    Their INJECTION directions are, of course, not to inject IM and inject .2 ml everyday.

    *How much should I pull on the IM needles - the ones I mentioned above, where some solution gets stuck?

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    Yes, mix all 10ml of the B12/MIC solution into Your Hcg.

    To get the dose, divide the IUs in the vial by the ml of bac water you used.

    5,000 divided by 10 = 500 IUs per ml

    You will then dose it this way:
    for a dose of 150iu,
    150 divided by 500 = .3 or 30 on your syringe

    125 divided by 500 = .25 or 25 on your syringe

    You can't adjust for what gets left in the needle. Measure correctly on the syringe. Using the more diluted solution will mean you lose less product in the needle.
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