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Oh no, Teen! I guess I won't be taking an epsom salts bath anytime soon. Someone told me to do a high protein day, or go back to P2 eating for a day. Not sure I can go back to P2 again, but I may try it with more protein.
I've seen more people with success doing a detox bath than not! I'm just an unfortunate few, though my mom and her friend had the same problem. LOL, oh well. I lost the pound plus an extra .8 yesterday, then 1.2 this morning. All is well again! Ugh, I totally CAN'T do P2 eating in P3 - at least not strict P2 eating. High protein only makes me maintain, and it's too much meat for me, so I don't bother with it. If I have an inexplicable gain I just try and eat as clean as possible, which for me just means no experimenting in my meals and eating things I know I'm okay with. lol.