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Thread: P2: changing to vegan/vegetarian?

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    P2: changing to vegan/vegetarian?

    anyone successfully mixed the p2 diet.....seafood/fish with vegetarian stuff? i'm mostly vegetarian and sometimes eat seafood/fish but this is driving me nuts.....i wanna boca burger. any rouge's out there successfully mix it up this way? please lmk. i would rather not eat diary...so many vegan/seafood?
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    I stuck to rice protein powders for P2. Boca burgers would not have worked for me as they contain soy and wheat. I do eat tofu when I'm not in P2 but I eat it sparingly. I have def. gone rogue in both rounds so I am all for doing whatever works for you.

    Quorn, quinoa and cottage cheese have worked for other people (not me though )so I guess there's no harm in experimenting....I probably wouldn't pick bocas as there are too many "illegal" ingredients and you may have a hard time figuring out if any will cause a stall.

    Good luck w/your choices!

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    my gosh, i don't know how you guys can stomach those boca burgers. i made one once, couldn't choke it down, and neither of my dogs would touch it!
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