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Thread: P2 - Failure? Can I restart now? - Please help :(

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    Unhappy P2 - Failure? Can I restart now? - Please help :(

    Hi everyone,

    I picked a really, REALLY bad time to start P2. Had too many celebrations, traveling, etc. I was able to complete 28 days on P2 but that was interspersed with several days of cheating (about 7 cheat days--- and I'm talking bad cheats). I had lost about 16lbs, but have regained 13lbs back in 2.5 weeks b/c of all the graduation parties, and trips/vacays I have been on. I feel ready to re-start P2, but it's only been 2.5 weeks. I was not sure if I can re-start a P2 sooner since my first attempt was longer than 23 injections BUT, was mixed in with so much cheating. What should I do? Any tips/advice would be appreciated.

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    I cannot advise you since I am sort of in the same position. but I can sympathsize with you! To be part of such fun celebrations is hard when you have to keep on such a restricted diet is hard! I hope a more experienced person will answer and give you a new road map. good luck and stick with you goals!!!

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    You could do another 12 days but that's hardly worth it. I would wait the full 6 weeks then restart when you know your schedule is calmer. Good luck!
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