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Thread: Pellet hunger issue a bit better today

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    Pellet hunger issue a bit better today

    Hi all. this is my first time doing the pellets and i love the ease of them. I am on 6th day of use and almost 10 pounds lost. hunger has been a biiig problem for me and fatigue. I was using 4 pellets under the tongue three times daily. It was suggested to do 5 pellets three times daily. I am on my second day of that dose and it seems to be better. I am ok and by this time of morning i was usually desperate to eat something. I will have my protien shake and i think it will be ok. Lets see how the rest of the day goes. Just wanted to share my experieces although it seems my losses have slowed. I only lost 0.4 today> i wonder if it is the dosage change. anyway thanks vickie

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    I bumped from 4 to 5, too, and that helped w/my hunger pangs and I think it's helping overall since I believe I'm swallowing some of the dissolved portion before it's absorbed. Try not to but it's hard!

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    It is hard but just put your mind on it. I am feeling better but in the afternoon now i am dealing with some hunger and weakness. I am gonna hang in there.... vickie

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    Pellets and hunger

    Well this is my 4th day on the pellets and I really don't have an appetite. I literaly have to force myself to eat. Yesterday I had 3.5 ounces of steamed lobster and 1/2 of an orange. I was completely stuffed. I started off taking the Drops, but the pellets do a great job of deturing my hunger. I love pellets.

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    I am loving the pellets also but still dealing with hunger issues at 5 pellets three times daily!!

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    I started having hunger issues and went up to 6 pellets 3 times a day and it took care of the problem.

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    Im going to up mine too six as well. Starting tomorrow. I ate at eleven and feel hungry already. I'm on day 17

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    In my first round I ate at 8am, again around 12-1pm, by 3pm I was getting hungry. What I had to do was throw a snack in at that time, usually a fruit and coffee, which still does the trick. So by the time I eat at 6pm-7pm, I'm stuffed. Have you tried breaking up your meals into smaller more frequent ones?

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    You might want to also try doing pellets 4x/day. I'm now at 5 pellets, 4x/day and it works great for me now. I tend to take them around 6:30am, 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm. My body seems to need more frequent doses for it to stay stable.

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