5000 iu Corion for a 40 day protocol

  • I have a 10ml Disposable mixing syringe
  • I filled that to the 1 ml/cc mark with BAC and injected that into the HCG
  • I then filled the 10m Disposable mixing syringe to the 4 ml/cc mark with BAC and placed that into an empty vile
  • I then added the previously mixed 1ml/cc of HCG into the vile with the 4ml/cc BAC

  • I took then took a 29 gauge 1cc 1/2" insulin syringe
  • I filled that to the 20 mark
  • I injected 20

My goal is to start with 200 iu's a day and work down
DID I DO THIS correctly or did I accidentally inject 2000 ius....I'm very very confused


I ordered extra HCG initially so if I need to start over with the mixing I can but can SOMEONE please help me???