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Thread: Need quick help, running out half way thru

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    Need quick help, running out half way thru

    This is my third time on P2 in about 2 years. I've been very successful at losing and somewhat maintaining through P2 and P3 but once I hit P4 it starts going downhill, usually because it's summer and lots of wknd happenings or the holidays. My lowest has been 159 (for about 3 hours!) but have been maintaining about 165 -170. I've always been in the 190-200s so this has been amazing. I desperately want to reach the low 150s to see how I feel. I'm on day 20 wanting to do 43 but will be out of the injectable tomorrow, Wednesday. Saturday was my skip day. Unfortunately the HCG is stuck in customs, no word when it will arrive - it should've been here a week ago. This a.m. I took almost half a dose- .12 (I usually do .25) and tomorrow I will take the remainder- .10, which is all I have left. (Sadly I messed up on dosing the first 5 days and took about 2.5x what I should have because I received different syringes and wasn't paying close enough attention.) I'm at 26lbs down- 166, which seems like a big loss but I gained about 12lbs on the load days- lots and lots of water. I'm sure I can get into the 150s in the next 20 days. Here's my plan: do the last dose tomorrow, stay on the 3 days/500 calories/no HCG (pray it comes by the end of the week) and finish the next 23. If it's not here after those three days I will have to start P4. Do you think that will work and/or any suggestions?

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    I would do a planned interruption and hope that your hcg arrives before 2 weeks have passed.

    You can read about planned interruptions in Pounds and Inches, the Original Manuscript linked at the top of this page in the chapter entitled Unforeseen Interruptions of Treatment.

    Basically, you transition into P3. Stop your injections, but continue the VLCD for 72 hours. At the end of 72 hours, start eating P3-style (no sugar/no starch). You can stay on an interruption for up to 2 weeks ( or less time if your hcg arrives before then). When you're ready to restart, begin the injections and the VLCD at the same time. Do not reload.

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    Great!! Thank you so much!

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    If you do the planned interruption, be sure to do the 3 days transitioning off, plus at least 4 days before you get back on the HCG.
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