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Thread: Is a long round worth the extra days?

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    Is a long round worth the extra days?

    How much more weight do you lose when you do a long round? Is it worth it?

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    I have done longer rounds and had it go both ways. The first time I did it, I continued to lose and reached my goal weight, another time I barely lost any additional weight. I would say that if you are consistently losing, it is worth trying for a few!

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    in my experience it's very much worth the additional days depending on how much weight you want to lose. If you want to lose more than 15lbs do the long round. My losses average out to 0.5lbs/day whether it's a short or long round. I also found I stabilized better after a long round and had better body reshaping.
    12lbs gone, 13lbs left to lose.
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