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Thread: Should I skip 1 day of HCG plus drops per week if doing 6 weeks instead of three?

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    Should I skip 1 day of HCG plus drops per week if doing 6 weeks instead of three?

    I just finished my first week of HCG plus Drops. I want to do Phase 2 for 6 weeks instead of three but I heard I might need to skip one day of drops per week if I do this so I don't build up an immunity to it. Can anyone clarify this for me?

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    I asked the same thing and I guess here is what I found out: If you are on rxhcg then yes, it is advised (although my clinic doesn't advise this), if you are on hhcg (Homeopathic) version then no you don't have to skip as there is no immunity built up with hhcg. I did find a few people that didn't skip rx and didn't experience any immunity though. I decided to skip as I figured it can't hurt. Today was my first skip day.

    6/27/11 R3P2D1 vlcd 180.2 (after 6 day load: yikes!)
    D2 177.2 -3
    D3 176 -1.2
    D4 174.8 -1.2
    D5 175 +.2

    4/23/11 R2P2D1 vlcd 184.4
    (short hcg round- 1 week then no hcg and high fat/mod protein)
    5/30 start of wk 4 maintenance 172.5
    end of maintenance 172 -12.4

    1/5/11 D1 221.8 -38lbs (66 days)

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    Thanks for the input. I think mine is Homeopathic. So I guess I won't skip and see what happens.

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    No, you don't skip on Drops, not even RX ones.
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