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Thread: Stalls

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    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    What dose are you on, mad? And yes hot dogs are very bad unfortunately. Full of fat which is to be avoided on the protocol. What dose are you on?
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    I am doing 5cc's I think it is. (pull in fluid to the 5) My fiance is a nurse so he does if for me because I hate needles... That was my only screw up, and I still lost that day whereas other days I have not, go figure! LOL I started at 255 and now at 238.8 on day 17... -16.20

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    (Hoping for -40!)

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    So glad I found this Sticky thread. Day 3 of a stall. Good to know not to be too bothered by it.

    But does it "catch up" when the stall stops?

    Doing it vegetarian-style!

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    I'm on Day 3 of my stall. I am on Day 9 of R1 so I guess this is normal after reading all of these posts. The one thing that does not changes amongst us all is the desire to lose weight so badly that our emotions are so wrapped up in getting consisitent losses. I have only been losing weight for 7 days and have been heavy for years. Imagine having the nerve to get mad at the scale every day! LOL I guess I am trying to convince myself as well. I have not waivered except to taste what they call chocolate delight. I made few tablespoons of it and its pretty good as a treat considering almost every other indulgence is off limits. I will wait until P3 to really experiment with it.

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    O.k. I am adding my experience here for 2 reasons: 1. This thread helped keeping me sane for the past 3 days or so, Thanx to Grammy as always. 2. It seems that the crazy losses if so many ppl around here make slow losers like me rather frustrated.
    First of all, a stall is not 2 d in a row on the same wright. Our weights are mainly determined by water & our body water is very unstable. So expecting a loss every day is unrealistic & the scale is a very inaccurate measure for body fat.
    I am on vlcd 30. Until yesterday I had lost 7.7 # net (15 # if u include loading weight). I ve been stalled/gaining for 11 days. I did not cheat. I haven't been eating any melba or grissini from d1 and my daily cal. Are around 450. I ve been driving myself crazy to find a reason for my poor losses compared to others & for the madning stall. I was also getting panicy cause I only ve 8 or 9 more days to go.
    This morning the stall finally broke. I was down 2.2#. It was water weight after all judging by the times I had to go to the bathroom yesterday & last night.
    And really, my conclusion is, there is no reason for stalls. Our bodies seem to need time to readjust & as madning & frustrating as this might b, if u stay POP it will break.
    As for poor losses, we really should stop comparing ourselves to others. It is not fair that someone else would lose 30+ in 30 d, but I was unable to lose even one single pound in the past 2 years on any other diet. And the body shaping with hcg is not paralleled by anything else. So I am going to take my losses & hope for a bit more this round. But if I get on the scale tomorrow & am up those 2# again, I ll just continue till the end. Do P3 & p4 & hope for the best on my next round.

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    Good Morning Ladies ,
    It s so good to read your msg , i know that being in stall is normal but the emotions and the willing to lose everyday is so strong that we worried all the time.I m doing 43 days , pellet sub-lingual , i feel find with them not hungry or tired , i m sticking with the diet no cheating at all ,i stopped my thyroid medicine ( not really sure about it)and did one day off a hcg
    I began the 07/12 /12 and my weight after 2 days loading was 175.6
    Preload: 172
    Post load: 175.6
    LOSS FOR THE 10 DAYS: 11.6

    VLCD1: 171
    VLCD2: 168.2
    VLCD3: 166.2
    VLCD4: 166.2
    TOTAL LOST 11.6
    I do feel bloated the evening, but i hope the water will begin to evacuate.
    Do you think i should do an apple a day? I'm 53 year old and loosing weight was always a big long process .
    I m sorry if i made some mistake in English , i m french...
    Have a nice week end

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    Awwww stalls ....I so dislike them!LOL ... Im on day 6 of my second stall this round ..I am on R2P2D35 Trying to hang in there till day 40 or 45 I want this stall to break I want to be out of 140's this round. Ive been 145-146 for 6 days so far ! UGHHHHH I know its normal... but i dont like it at the end of my round.Good luck to all!!

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    Had a 2 week stall on the scales but lost a lot of size.. go figure!!!

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    Stalling OR shifting/changing. It's all how you perceive it.

    Yesterday I was on a 7 day stall. I had only lost .1 lbs in 7 days. I would show a loss of .6 or less, but it was always offset by a gain. I have not cheated. I decided to try the "apple day". Last night I finally found the stall forum, which I wish I had read before I started my apple day. As a reminder, you are not stalling until you are 4 days or more (which I was), and if you cheat and don't lose, that's not a stall. There is nothing you can do with a stall, but wait it out. Your body is shifting (changing) during this time. An apple day makes you feel more in control, but your body will do what it thinks it needs to whether you do the apple day or not.

    I did show a loss this morning and guess what it was.... yep .6lbs. So, my body is still shifting (stalling, but I like shifting better), and I just need to stay on protocal and wait this thing out. As long as I'm on protocal, drinking my water I'll be losing, maybe inches at first but inches are a loss.

    It is totally frustrating to not "see" the loss on the scale, but before you get down on yourself like I did, read the stall forum, it will make you feel better.

    (I posted this on another forum, but this "sticky" helped me so much yesterday, I felt I had to post here too)

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    Wow, I just woke up and had a .4 gain from yesterday. I was concerned about this but I see many people have issues after days of stable weight or gain so maybe I am jumping the gun?

    I feel like I have a mild case of the flu but I suspected it could be my toxin dump so I had a lot of water last night. I guess I will wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

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