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    Quote Originally Posted by NadrealistaDT View Post
    Thanks for the replies Grammy and Mouse83

    I raised my dosage because i was hungry at nights when I was on 150iu. How many iu's do you recommend I inject?
    Oranges aren't allowed? But i thought Oranges, Apples and Strawberries are on the approved list? I've always had oranges and apples. Don't care for strawberries.
    I also assumed that if you skip on fruits that stabilising on P3 will be difficult?
    Shall i start skipping fruits and stopping oranges all together then? Please advise me…

    Also, I'm still stalling Today I'm doing an apple day. I've had 3 green apples so far and its 8:55pm I think I'll have one more before bed but since I'm out Green Apples I'll have a red one. Will update you all on what happens

    I went through the same thing.. I took HCG123 drops, was starving and kept cheating.
    Followed Grammy's advice and bought the Real HCG and have been injecting myself with it.
    I'm a beginner as well so i can't really advise you on what to do.. I myself have so many questions but i do hope someone on here will reply to our posts soon Good luck to you Slimshady.
    Grammys website has valuable Info on it. I've finished 4 rounds and have to admit I read and reread the valuable knowledge often. Here is the link http://colleencoble.com/2012/colleen.../hcg-protocol/. Another way to find the info is to google Grammy hcg and her site will come up.

    Dosage wise: have you done a skip day? Try not to stress too much right now. Stress doesn't help us on our journey to releasing unwanted weight. Ones who have not eaten the fruit everyday have stabilized well in p3. Hope your apple day helps you mentally get through your stall. Even when the scale doesn't budge out bodies are doing amazing things and losing inches

    With regards to oranges I believe they weren't on dr.s original protocol but have since been added on. You can double check on all that. But for some reason that's what's stuck in my head. Grammy would know for sure.

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    NadrealistaDT: Thank you, dear. I am keeping on it, but I wish it was working right for me. I won't give up though! Good luck with yours too!!!!

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    @NadrealistaDT: Thaks so much for your support! I am "asking my own body" now how many drops it wants. I get a clean signal. I have worked with a BEST practitioner inthe past and he did teach me this technique, I just hadn't thought to use it now! Thank you for all of your suggestions. Today went great so far. I had 6 drops in am, 6 early afternoon, and 4 in evening. I may take more before bed and will ask my body again. I am looking pale, according to my mom though. And I took the whole day off just to rest, from all of my skin rashes and everything. On the steroids now and it is improving.

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    I have also started using coconut oil on my legs, as the pain has been too difficult to handle na dthe dryness unbearable. I hope this is ok!! in pahse two still. I don't eat it, just doing it for moisture and healing of the skin. Advise? the cocnut oil has a healing componet and an anti-inflammatory component which has helped my skin pain so much!

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    Why not use baby oil (mineral oil) thats whats been helping me with dryness? The molecules in mineral oil ar etoo large to be absorbed by our pores. It acts as a barrier to keep the moisture in. After showering when you skin is still wet or damp apple baby oil all over your body, wait a minute or two and towel off. It really helps keeping the skin moisturised. I really hope things work out for you. Keep healthy!

    I've read and re-read the protocol on her website as well! Will read again now incase I've missed or forgotten something
    What do you mean by skip day? I skip the injections every Sunday, does that count as a skip day? I skipped on my period as well..
    Mouse83 do you skip fruits all together or do you have one fruit a day? Also when skipping a fruit does that mean that instead of 3.5oz of meat that I'd now have to have 7oz?
    I've been doing the diet with my sister and she's been losing very slowly like me so yesterday when i did an apple day she did an orange day. I told her theres no such thing but she wanted to experiment anyway. She had 4 oranges and today lost 0.6kgs (1.3lbs)
    & I lost the same amount of weight from the apple day.
    I'm worried I may gain back the weight that I lost from the apple day tomorrow and she's worried she'll gain back the weight from her rogue orange day. Can you advise us on what to eat today? Shall we lessen the amount of meat and veggies? We're supposed to have our final fruit from our apple/orange day by 12PM so shall we just skip that and skip the fruit at night? Or shall we have our morning fruit and just skip the second serving of fruit? Shall we drink less water today? Your advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much for having taken the time to reply

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    Thank you, I'll try it. Tho is coconul oil a no-no? It helps with the itch too, I have severe rashes. I'm taking steroid for it now.

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    p.s I was hungry again this evening, even after allowing myself extra chicken and cucumber at 9m. Diet doesnt seem to be working, I'm not sure why I am staying on it even? I was already losing weight without this diet. Now I fear if I quit early I will actually gain. my drops ar real hhcg. please help me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikinibound View Post
    KTMAMA~I'm certainly no expert but 20lbs in 7 days is a crazy amount and probably happens to those that have 75+ to lose not 20 or 30. I have 20 to lose and I've only lost almost 10 in 12 days. Supposedly a half lb per day is average and normal for women that need to lose 50 or less. I stalled for 2 days while totally following P2 protocol and just dropped .8 today, on the third day. I expect another stall to happen. They stink big time but just stay the course. Come join us in the 25 lbs or less to lose forum. You'll see how slowly we lose over there...LOL.
    Where is this "25 lbs or less to lose" forum located? Can't find it. Thanks!

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    Hi! Can you explain why an apple day would be ineffective? It was for me but I don't know why! I'm in the same position: lost 10 pounds in 8 days and now have stayed at same weight for 5 days and am discouraged! I have 100 pounds to lose. Did an apple day yesterday and dropped 0.2 lbs but was hoping for so much more! Why didn't it work? I'm following protocol.

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    It is for most everyone. And even if someone loses, their weight often bounces up a day later. The apple day is just for water weight. You don't want to lose water weight anyway. For every 10 pounds you lose, most stall as the body catches up. You're still losing fat but your body is replacing some of the water you lost the first week so the scale doesn't show it. It's very normal. Take a look at what you're eating. Some don't do well on beef and tomatoes for example. If you stick to fish and chicken, you will often lose best. And try a salad for lunch. That often helps.
    My expert Hcg Diet advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol and over 10 years experience as a weight loss and nutrition coach. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Protocol
    Grammy's author website: ColleenCoble.com

    I am not a medical doctor and my statements are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. Please always check with your doctor for medical questions and assistance. Medical Disclaimer:

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    Yea i definitely feel like being in a huff when i dont see the scale tip backwards thank you for the 411 the. Most you can do is push through with it to see the re****s at the end. Do i really want to cheat and have self gratifacation? or fit into that dress ? This is such a lifestyle change and i honestly am being tought a valuable lesson on how i behave with food.

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