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Thread: Stalls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    Tracy is right. You should not change dose without doing a skip day.

    You say your dose is 12.5, but that doesn't tell us your dose without knowing how it was mixed. What we need to know is the iu number. You obtain that by knowing how many milliliters of mixing water was used with how many IU's of HCG.

    Here is the formula: https://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforum...lations-21439/

    Let's find out what dose you are on, and then go from there. If you are feeling ok, there is no need to adjust for a single day of small gain. That happens in the normal course of things. At some point those big losses from the first week slow down for everyone. And especially for women, you will encounter days of no loss and even small gains as you go through the round. This is normal. It is your body adjusting its water levels as it accommodates the fat loss. Your losses are at a pound a day, so there is no reason to suspect dose has slowed anything down.
    Thank you both for the responses. So I'm not sure if this means anything, but on the bottle it says 1000u/ml and below it says 10 MDV. My doctor made the prescription, so I'm not sure of the specifics. That said, I haven't been hungry, although my stomach has been gurgling a bit today. I'm not worried about the slight gain, but would love any input.

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    I think MDV stands for Multiple Dose Vial, so that doesn't tell us much. Unless the 10 means 10 doses?

    I would call your doctors office to be sure, but it sounds like the mix may have been 1:1, which would mean your dose of 12.5 would be 125iu. That is a pretty standard and good dose for most people.

    Gurgling stomach is not hunger, its just digestive noises. Since you are not feeling hunger, don't do a skip day yet. If you want, you can try one after you have been on the same dose for 3-4 days if there is still some issue. Also, after 2 weeks of big losses, there could be a long stall as your body regroups. Do not panic if that happens, just stay on protocol and ride it out.

    This little graphic helps explain what is happening during a stall:
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    Thanks Leez!

    That image is really helpful. As an update, I'm still feeling great after lowering my dosage and woke up this morning to a very nice 2 lbs loss. Thanks again for the feedback!

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