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Thread: Started Phase 2!

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    Started Phase 2!

    So, I am on vlcd d2. I started my period yesterday when I started D1. Woops! Well, now Im concerned. But I will keep going until it gets out of hand. I usually bleed btwn normal to heavy. This time I am heavy but what scares me is how much blood clots im having. Other then that I seem to be ok.

    Im also feeling no hunger at all! At 150ius I am doing great. Lots of energy, feeling good. Better than when im not on this diet! Only thing is, if I dont eat dinner at 6 and im running around the store shopping, I get very weak and feel bad. I went through that yesterday. I also make sure to take vitamin b mix, and potassium pills. Without though, I recall from my last round that i was very weak and couldn't think straight.

    Being on my period and VLCD D2, I lost 1.1!

    Injections @ 125ius

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    I have suffered the same this round. Try taking magnesium as well as the potassium and B vitamin and see how you feel. Good luck!


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