Yeah - I'm officially nutso. I decided I want another round of HCG right before the holidays. I had said I would wait until the new year - but i've gained a bit back since the last round. I don't want it to go any further. BUT I want my turkey and thanksgiving foods sooooo we're having 'thanksgiving' this weekend. I'm loading using turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, pie etc. I get my turkey day fix this way and load...kill 2 birds with one stone.

I will probably do a planned interruption on the real turkey day and do a low carb day. Oopsie rolls, cauliflower mashed potatoes, etc. Just the one day though. I'm so ready. I want to try working out this time (I haven't in the past).

I haven't decided if I'm cycling this time. I might just do the 23 day load and start cycling. Or I might not. All i know is I want to get rid of this extra that I gained and I have MORE and MORE to lose!!!

Goal is to lose 30 lbs this round.

Anyone with me? Surely I'm not the only one crazy enough to do this.