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Thread: Starting Round May 4/5 Need Buddies

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    VLCD 2 - 157 Good morning everyone! Nice job Kahlan on catching up on everyone - your amazing. It sounds like everyone is doing fairly well. My day one VLCD went pretty good - no hunger after a 4 pound gain.
    So go figure. I woke up 2 pounds lighter so yeah, half my load weight already gone. How much did everyone else gain. I have to tell you one time I started this diet and my head was not in the game, so when I loaded I just kept on loading ( as if I couldn't stop for like a week) Nice huh? I think I gained like 8 pounds, then quit. But that was then this is now. This time I'm doing it. It would be funny to hear some of the hcg bloopers once in awhile agreed?

    Well, I feel so much better after getting some of that food out of me. I am a slight bit hungry this morning but I think it is my head more then my stomach right now.
    Kahlan have you tried exercising on hcg before - I have kept exercising everytime I've done this diet and for me last time I found I needed more protein. If you start to feel hungry watch your protein
    intake, as you need more if you exercise - you will know because you'll get hungry.

    I am back to my lack of sleep I noticed last night also. I just can't sleep well on hcg ever. I wake up after four hours and feel like it's time to get up - then sleep on and off for a couple more. That is with sleeping pills mind you. If I didn't take those I would get none, Dr S does stated in the protocol that you will find less sleep is required but this is a bit much. I want to sleep at least 6-7 hours solid...

    Well have a great day everyone!
    Keep at it, one day at a time.

    R1P2 start - 173.0
    R1P2 LIW - 157.2
    TOTAL LOSS - 15.8

    R2P2 start = 159.0
    R2P2 LIW = 145.0

    R3P2 WEEK 1 = 151.0 - 143.0 ( -8.0 )
    R3P2 WEEK 2 = 143.0 (-0.0) I deserve that!

    R3P3 WEEK 4 = 141.0
    R3P2 RESTART = 145.0


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    Hi everyone

    Today is VLCD2 and I lost 2.8 lbs, yay! I gained 4 loading so I'm hoping by tomorrow the loading weight will be gone Yesterday I was super hungry and tired but today I feel much better. I'm working today and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to go the morning without food. I'm a teacher and I thought that I'd totally be snippy with my students. I'm so happy that isn't the case. I feel really good today and I'm not hungry yet. I'm so loving this diet! I'm going to yoga tonight and I'm interested to see how my energy level is.

    I cannot wait to get into the 170's. I haven't been that weight since I was pregnant with my son, so to get there will be a victory indeed. I'm so excited cause I know it's not that far off, yes!

    How long are you all planning on going this round? I'm hoping to go the entire 43.

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    Hello Everyone. VLCD1 for me and so far so good. I have some sad news that is kind of off topic but what the hell it's the internet and none of you know me in real life haha. Well my long-term boyfriend broke up with me yesterday so I am a big mess. The positive side is that my appetite is absolutely non-existent. I know that this round is going to be a short one, but it is going to probably be alot harder now because of this drama I'm also kind of worried about the anti-social aspect of the diet, since I'll want to be with my friends right now. Ugh. I can do this! I might be going a little more rogue than I anticipated with some vodka waters in the next week or so, we will see.

    Okay on to more important things - I gained 1.6 from my load. That puts me at just .5 above my LIW from round 1, so I think I will be losing "new" weight in a day or so. YAY.

    For lunch and dinner today I packed chicken breast seasoned with garlic powder and some italian herb mix (I grilled/ steamed the chicken in low sodium chicken broth), and I have steamed broccoli with a little brags liquid amino acids on the side. I also packed an apple and an orange. I am here at work until about 9pm today so that's why I have all my food.

    I need to FOCUS on drinking lots of water! Everyone seriously drink as much water as you can, it helps so much.

    Happy losing ladies!
    R2 - Hucog Subq injections @ 125 Dose, 23 day round
    I am a ROGUE Endurance Athlete who eats more calories typically in the form of protein

    GOAL 10 pound loss
    Week 1 (4/28 - 5/4):
    Week 2 (5/5 - 5/11):
    Week 3 (5/12 - 5/18):

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    Want us to send out the P2/P3 posse for him, and kick some jerk-boy butt?!?!
    Start Date R1/ P1: 01/29/2012
    VLC#1: 1/31/2012
    Start weight: 161.4 End load 164.2
    VLCW1: - 10.4 VLCW2: -4.6 VLCW3: -1.0 VLCW4.75: -3.4 VLCW5: -3.6 VLCW6: -4.4
    Total Lost: 27.4
    LIW 136.8
    Adjusted LIW 133.0
    VLC1-3: +.2 P3W1: +2.6 P3W2: -2.4 P3W4: +1.8

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    I posted this in another forum so this is a repost. This is my last day of loading and will be starting VLCD tomorrow. What thread should I follow and update on to be on par with everyone else?

    I did my first load day yesterday and I was down .2 lbs this morning. I was not feeling great yesterday as I had a very sore throat so I didn't eat as much as I should have. I had McDonalds for lunch and a huge steak, baked potatoe, garlic toast diner. I had lots of pop through out the day as well. Honestly,

    I was not hungry at all yesterday so between being sick and not hungy, I kinda forgot about stuffing my face.

    This is load day 2. Again, not hungry at all. I had cherrios, milk and sugar for breakfast, a bag of cheezies and a pepsi, mid morning and off to have my lunch soon. I am planning on having A&W teen burger and a poutine but dont know if I can eat it but I am going to make myeself do it.

    My guess is that as soon as I start VLCD 1 tomorrow, I am going to be hungry and crave everything under the sun because it is at that point I wont' be allowed to have what I want. If I can feel keep feeling like this (full )though, it will be smooth sailing for 40 days but I am guessing that will not be the case.

    I will keep you all posted on tomorrows weigh in.

    Happy Loading
    LCD#1 - 252.6
    LCD#2 - Forgot to weigh this morning
    VLCD#1 -
    VLCD#2 -
    VLCD#3 -
    VLCD #4 -

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    MissJasmin, I'm sorry that he did that. That's super lame. We are here for you.

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    So I'm going to jump in here too. I'll be loading this week (not sure which day yet) for my second round after losing 21lbs in the first go-round using hHCG. Sure am ready to drop another 20! I have a ways to go to be where I'd really like, but I'm super happy to have kept it off from the first time.

    Heading out now to plot my indulgence in all things buttery and high-fat for the endurance challenge ahead.

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    I know I am jumping the gun here but I am going to ask this anyway.

    I want to lose about 73 lbs total as soon as possible. I heard that the second adn third rounds usually aren't as successful as the first round. I am currently on a 40 day program.

    So my question is this...............Could I stay on HCG P2 until I lose at least 40 lbs? So if I am not at my 40 lb loss by the time my bottle runs out, could I start a new bottle to continue till I have lost at least 40 lbs then go into P3 & P4? I have seen that some people stay on it for 60 or more days. how detrimental is this to your health, your body and the program overall? I am just thinking if I do it this way, I could do less complete rounds and lose it faster than being in P3 and P4 for 6 weeks, not losing any weight.

    Any advise would be awesome.

    Thank you
    LCD#1 - 252.6
    LCD#2 - Forgot to weigh this morning
    VLCD#1 -
    VLCD#2 -
    VLCD#3 -
    VLCD #4 -

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    Hi Kathleen,

    Welcome. I would say that you should watch out for hcg immunity. Around the 38 day for me, It hit me like a freight train and I knew I had to stop. You simply can't go on and youshouldn't the minute you feel that hcg is not doing its job. Some have extended by skipping injections. This program works if you only follow it to a "T". I would try to make your 40 days the most successful as possible. I make myself feel that I have a 40 day countdown to be as good as possible. Drinks LOADS of water, skip the melba and grissini and maybe one of the fruits if your hunger is OK. Take a walk but do not work out. I have seen with myself and others, the minute you jump into an exerted work out, your body starts saving than releasing.....

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    SailingAlameda, I'm definitely going to be following your advice in the above post. I usually do yoga, piliates, cardio boot camp, and weight training. I'd still like to do the yoga and pilates, but I'm torn on the weight training. I'm thinking that cardio boot camp will be too much. I also just got the T-Tapp dvd but I haven't tried it yet. I read on other threads that T-Tapp was ok.

    How much walking do you think is too much? I'd like to lose as much weight as possible cause I have so much to lose

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