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Thread: Is steak considered beef on P2 ? (Not talking steak day)

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    Is steak considered beef on P2 ? (Not talking steak day)

    Hello All,

    First post but long time reader. I did the 40 day diet in 2016 and lost 41 pounds and an additional 20 pounds through P3 however due to an injury I gained most of it back from eating junk food and recovering.

    Anyways long story short. I'm on vlcd 9 of r2 and I am dying. Can't seem to eat any of the things I ate before and having a hard time going.

    My question (finally) is ... does beef include steak ? My research keeps leading me to mixed answers hence I figured it's time to ask all the experts here. Can I have certain steak cuts like sirloin etc 100g of them for my protien in my meals ?

    Any guidance helps. Thank you in advance

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    It depends if you can get beef that is lean enough. The protocol recommends veal instead for Americans.

    You can give it a try and see how you do. Some are able to eat beef during P2. Maybe someone who has had success will reply and give you some suggestions for what cuts worked for them.
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    For beef in P2, I eat filet mignon, trimmed of all visible fat.
    I also use 95% lean ground beef, rinsed under hot water in a colander after cooking. That's nice for making a P2- friendly chili or cabbage "stir-fry."
    I've also had success with london broil.
    I think sirloin would be ok, too, as long as it's not too fatty.

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    Agree with Kar. I love filet mignon and am quite happy I can have it in P2. Chicken gets so boring... I have used 97% lean ground beef as well, although it is not nearly as tasty as 80%, it still gives a little diversity to your menus.
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    I eat 96% lean ground beef, filet and lean sirloin. I lose very well on beef.

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    I lose very well on beef. I usually use ground beef because I'm not fond of steak, but yes, beef definitely includes steak.

    As for the cut of steak, read P&I and make your own judgment. Dr. S. states that American beef which is marbled with fat has almost double the calories of south Italian beef and veal should be used instead. He was writing in the 1950's when leaner beef wasn't available, but it is now. Typically, grass fed and grass finished beef has significantly less marbling and saturated fat than CAFO beef so it is more similar to 1950's style Italian beef which was grass fed/finished.

    Also, Laura's Lean Beef is one brand widely available at grocery stores and even Walmart that produces very lean meat although it is not, as far as I know, grass fed or pastured. Their sirloin and London Broil are similar in calories and fat to chicken breast.

    Sirloin strip side steak, top round steak or eye of round steak as some of the leanest cuts of beef. I usually eat beef that is 150 calories or under per 4 ounce serving as written on the package label (I eat 3.5 oz, but the label is for 4 oz). That also makes it very low in fat, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justgitterdone View Post
    I eat 96% lean ground beef, filet and lean sirloin. I lose very well on beef.
    Same for me with these. Occasionally I can find 97% ground beef, which is even better. I don't lose well if I don't have beef at least 4 days a week.

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