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Thread: Is sugarless gum allowed

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    Is sugarless gum allowed

    I haven't found any info on it. I am a big gum chewer so I would love to be able to.

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    They say no. That the sweeteners in them can cause people to gain or stall. If you can find stevia sweetened gum, it might be ok. Personally, I have had a total of 3 pieces when my breath was so absolutely fetid that I couldn't stand myself. I didn't notice any issues. BUT better safe than sorry.
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    theres so much info on gum on here, just go advanced search 'gum' and see the pages of threads! its up to you.. i chew xylitol gum and dont eat my second fruit throughout all of ph. 2

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    After reading this I decided to look for xylitol gum. Even though I am not hungry I am missing chewing.

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