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Thread: Let's talk about WATER

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    Let's talk about WATER

    The protocol indicates that you should drink 2 litres of water per day during the low calorie phase. This includes your coffee and tea.

    It has become a common trend to recommend that people drink a gallon or more aside from their other beverages, as a way to keep losses strong. I think that this is bad advice, and that Dr. Simeons was right in his modest requirement of 2 litres total per day. It is easy to succumb to the idea that if some is good, more is better. But it is not in this case.

    Over-hydration stresses the kidneys, and can mess with your electrolyte balance. If you follow this gallon+ water trend and experience dizziness, fatigue, fogginess, heart palpitations, anxiety, you could be over-hydrating. Extreme cases of over-hydration can be dangerous and even fatal. This is known as hyponatremia or "water intoxication".

    You may be drinking too much even if you don't have any adverse symptoms. The way you can tell is by checking the color of your urine, which should be a pale yellow. If it is clear, you are drinking too much. The protocol is very balanced, and water consumption is part of that balance. People are always looking for ways to make the protocol work faster/better, and overdoing it on the water seems to be one of the most prevalent. Not forcing yourself to drink tons of extra water will make your P2 more peaceful and enjoyable.

    I put the mega water amounts in with apple days, omitting fruits and melbas (gluten sensitive people can sub with appropriate options), and any other non-required further restriction on the protocol in the same category-- unnecessary stressors that punish your body instead of nurturing it as you move through P2. I've spent way too much time during my life punishing my body with insane diets and long-term restricting. Now I want to celebrate its wonderfulness and treat it properly. I hope the thoughts in this post provide some freedom for those that become convinced that they need to do more than the protocol asks.

    The following excerpt nicely sums up a reasonable explanation and approach to hydration:

    Eight glasses, which is just less than two litres of water, is very roughly the basal water required by a fasting, well adult per day, who is doing nothing at all, with no special losses (such as vomiting or diarrhoea).

    In day-to-day life, we usually have additional losses (exercise, or sweating during a hot day), and we receive water from other sources. The obvious ones from our diet such as beverages, and juicy and moist foods, such as fruit and vegetables.

    Less obvious is water from the metabolism of food. The conversion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to energy in our bodies all produce water.

    Rather than focusing on the number of glasses, simply drink fluids when thirsty.
    from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/ar...water-day.html
    If you don't want to be burdened with adding up your coffee/teas and figuring out your total ounces, I do think its perfectly fine to drink the 2 litres water plus that during P2. This post is intended to offer some relief for those that feel pressured to drink a gallon or more a day in addition to regular beverages.
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