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Thread: Coconut oil - disaster!!

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    Coconut oil - disaster!!

    I was so excited to try coconut oil. I ran out and purchased two (2) 16oz bottle organic Coconut Oils at $8.29 a pop!! I was all set to make the famous cocoa crack, use it as a moisturizer and deep hair conditioner and to cook with...Much to my dismay...I am ALLERGIC!!! Uggh I applied it to my hair to condition and shortly thereafter I was covered in hives from face to feet....yup...face to feet...well, needless to say I immediately showered and shampooed my hair 3 times and popped a zyrtec, because benadryl does nothing for me. What I do not understand is how I immediately reacted to coconut oil but I've used other coconut products for years, almond joys, coconut cake, pina colada...maybe those things are so processed..and the organic oil was in its rawest form...who knows..but disappointed. Just thought I would share..
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    Read what is in it. It might not be just coconut oil.
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    I used to get eczema from coconut oil until I was done detoxing. You may have toxic stuff stored right under the skin that needs to come out. That or like Grammy said, there was something else in it. But coconut oil is detoxing so it would not be far fetched to have a reaction like that initially.

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