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Thread: Conflicting Information on how to proceed on P3

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    Conflicting Information on how to proceed on P3

    Hi, I'm just ending P2 of a 26 day protocol. Started the program with my Dr. and took my last injection yesterday.

    However, I'm getting some very conflicting info on how to proceed to P3. Doc says I should started P3 3 days (not 72 hrs) after my last injection which was Sunday AM. Which would be Thursday AM. But, everything I'm reading says 72 hrs, which should put me @ Wed AM.

    Also, he wants to bump my calorie count to 1000/cal daily as opposed to 1500. Again, everything I'm reading says it shouldn't be less than 1500 otherwise it'll disrupt the reset.

    I'm soooo confused. He's been doing this a long time with a great deal of success - even had one patient lose 40 lbs in 26 days. Myself, I'm down 24.5 lbs and a whopping 24 inches. BMI down 4.4% in just 26 days. So, I hate to not trust his judgment, but why the difference? He's been following Dr. S protocol to the "T" until now.

    Should I just split the difference? Start P3 Wed night, and bump calories to 1250?

    Any insight would be appreciated. I see a lot of 40 day protocols on here, but I'm assuming 26 day should work the same.
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    Congratulations on a successful P2!

    P&I doesn't say much about P3 so different people have tried different variations and had varying degrees of success. All we know from Dr. Simeons is to eat no sugar and no starch, and to be careful of very sweet fruit.

    Some choose to count calories and that works for them. They often use the calculation of 11 x body weight to figure out how many calories to eat. Most people ease into the full number of calories. It is difficult to go from eating 500 to eating 2000 in a day. You have to work up to it to avoid feeling sick.

    I don't count calories. I just eat fat, protein and non-starchy vegetables. I eat until I'm comfortably full (not stuffed). That works for me. I don't eat fruit very often in P3, and I don't do much experimental baking in P3 with coconut flour, almond flour, etc. I do eat a lot, and I find I gain weight if I don't eat enough fat, protein and calories. Usually if I've gained a little in P2, a day filled with butter and meat will take the weight off.

    I disagree with your doctor. I think your body has been living on the 500 calories plus another 1500-2500 calories of burned fat while in P2. If you suddenly cut down to 1000 or 1500, you're body will wonder why you're starving it. And I've seen a lot of people gain in P3 from not eating enough. So, wait 72 hours (that's 3 full 24 hour days) to begin P3. And eat until you are full, no matter the calories.

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    I just started phase three two days ago. The first day I had a real hard time eating. Just figuring out what to do. I was so comfortable eating so little that eating all that food was really overwhelming. I lost .4 the first day so yesterday I tried to eat more, and did. Today I lost 1.6. My doctor said to eat 1000 calories also but I've always thought 1500+ was recommended. Very confusing! Oh! I count calories on myfitness pal just to see where I'm at and to keep like a food journal. I'm right around 1000-1500.

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    I just don't believe that there is a set calorie amount that works for everyone. The best part about P3 was learning to listen to my body again - and eat when hungry. I only tracked in the beginning and made sure to add fat to everything, like coconut oil or EVOO. Yum. Other than that, paleo P3 really was a revelation... I miss P3.

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    thanks everyone for replying. I still find it so baffling that eating more fat actually takes the weight off!

    think what I'm going to try is to start off just eating comfortably and watch the scale, will try to build up to 1500 instead jumping in all at once. Will monitor day to day and see if I can increase slowly without any gain.

    Will report back, starting tomorrow!
    Start Weight: 205 lbs
    Day 1 VLCD: 207 lbs
    Day 5 VLCD: 194 lbs
    Day 12 VLCD: 187 lbs
    Day 22 VLCD: 182 lbs
    LIW: 180.5 lbs

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