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Thread: Correction day menu for first day of P3

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    Correction day menu for first day of P3

    As for my first day of P3 can I do an egg correction day?

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    Are you already over your 2 lb range from the day of your last dose? If so you should really analyze what you ate these last 2 or 3 days.

    The only true correction day is a steak day.
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    Unless you actually consumed 7000 additional calroies in the last 48 hours, you are holding water. Physiologically, the eating of mainly protein, even three times during the day, will force the glycogen stores, which store the water weight, to decrease and release the water. Carbs and fat will be processed into the the body as glycogen. Each part glycogen takes with it three parts water. We use the glycogen as fuel. Protein cannot be turned into glycogen so our bodies use up what we have, hence releasing the water. Also think about whether you ate anything salty or if it's a timing issue that you may be holding more water. Either way, drink lots and lots of water today. I mean HUGE amounts.
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