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Thread: How to eat after failed round?

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    How to eat after failed round?

    Hello everybody!
    My question is: I did a 4th round after a 3 month break. But the round failed totally. I didnt find the right dose and had to stop after 2,5 weeks ( I think immunity issues, lowest dose with 80 I.U. Didn't work anymore and lowering made no sense). In the end I didn't lose any weight after ups and downs. I would like to switch to a normal calorie counting diet with weight training, what works really well for me, but slower than hcg diet. Do you think after such a failed round I can eat carbs immediatly or do I even have to do p3? Does it harm my hypothalamus?

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    Thats tough...to put in the effort and not make any progress. I'm glad you have a fall back method that works for you.

    The point of P3 is to give your body a chance to lock in at a lower set point weight. You did not do a long enough rough to reset your hypothalmus, and you also don't have a lower set point weight to guard. So you don't need to do a P3. And you won't harm anything by adding carbs now.

    Any plan is fine from here on. If you find you are carb sensitive, you can look into doing the Fast Metabolism diet by Halie Pomroy. Spending a month or so on that will fix carb sensitivity. You may be able to continue losing on that as well.
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    ketogenic diet - hhcg nasal spray
    Next time, try homeopathic hcg, available as pellets, drops, nasal spray, or patches. It is much lower dose and cheaper than injections.


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