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Thread: About to enter phase 3 tomorrow, couple questions...

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    About to enter phase 3 tomorrow, couple questions...

    So like everyone I am a bit nervous about entering Phase 3 and wanted to double check that Im doing everything alright.

    So I dropped 9kg over the 26 days of Phase 2. Im now at 88kg, at 6'4. Meaning I burn about 3000 calories daily.

    How many calories should I eat? Should I aim to hit the 3000? Just seems like such a huge amount.

    For my meals tomorrow, I was thinking:

    Breakfast: 6 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon.

    Lunch: 2 cups brocolli, 400gram steak.

    Dinner: 2 cups brussel sprouts, whole chicken breast.

    That brings me to 2400.

    I was also thinking about making this bread, but dont know how many calories that is:

    Is this going to be too much? Too little?

    Really nervous but can't wait!

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    I would work my way up slowly and c how your body reacts. U probably won't be able to eat that many calories first week anyways.
    Taking it one day at a time

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