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Thread: Gaining 4 lbs while pmsing! Help!

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    Gaining 4 lbs while pmsing! Help!

    I am on my last day of phase 2 without hcg drops. Tomorrow I start phase 3. 1. I am on my period and have gained 4lbs!!!! I don't eat steak, what do I do? I don't know if I will lose it after my cycle is over but I'm freaking out., 2. I'm so beyond confused with what to eat on phase 3. The list I read said for fruits you can only have blueberrys, cranberrys, strawberrys, blackberrys, and canolope. Is this right? ,4. Some say you can have Dairy and nuts? I have read you can have some dairy but no nuts until phase 4. Help help help help!

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    I'd you didn't cheat or anything, its probably water weight. If it were me I'd probably take a water pill and see if that helped. Otherwise, I'd just ride it out. I also gained 4 pound during TOM and it dropped right off the morning I stopped bleeding. I knew the 4 pounds was water weight since it would be really difficult to gain 4 overnight without cheating. I just basically pretended the weight wasn't there and was finally relieved when it came off easily. Worked for me

    And as far as p3, its just no sugar and no starch. My homeopath is helping me through this and she just told me eat whole foods, no legumes or beans, and to be careful with really sweet fruits. And to add things in slowly. I've been eating eggs, strawberries, apples, blueberries, almond butter, heavy cream, cheese, etc. I haven't had any sensitivities so far so I keeo adding new things every couple of days. Good luck!

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    I started TOM on friday and I've gained a pound everyday since Thursday. Where could I get a water pill from? Never have taken one but I will definitely give it a shot! I'm hoping I have lost weight when I weigh in the morning....fingers crossed!

    Today I had 2 eggs for breakfast, shrimp on romaine with tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, and oil and vinegrette for lunch and then had the same thing for dinner but tilapia instead of shrimp(only had the same because I went to boyfriends house right after work) Did I go over board with adding too many new things at once? Thank you for replying and helping me out! I'm going to have a lot of questions!

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    Well, it definitely doesn't seem like you're eating enough. 1500 is the minimum I was told to eat. I'll give you an example of my menu:

    Breakfast is 2 eggs, 2 egg whites (omelette) with 1T heavy cream with 1/2 cup frozen spinach, 2 pieces of turkey bacon and 1/2 T butter.
    Snack us a cheese stick or apple
    Lunch is a whole can tuna with 1T mayo and spices with 1 whole avocado
    Snack strawberries or cheese stick
    Dinner is a stuffed bell pepper with turkey, veggies and 1/2 cup cauliflower rice
    Sometimes I'll have salmon salad as a late night snack if I feel like I didn't eat enough.

    I'm eating at LEAST 1500 a day, sometimes closer to 1800. I'm stuffing myself, but my homeopath stressed that eating too little will make me gain weight (and it totally does since I've had many days where I've missed meals). It could be Tom causing your gains, but my gain from TOM was overnight (4lbs). Maybe you aren't eating enough calories. A good go to meal that I love: 2 full cups of frozen veggies with 6oz chicken or turkey stir fried with 1T coconut oil (the kind that tastes like coconut) and a few splashes of braggs a minos. Mmmm! Download a calorie counter and see how much you've ben eating...

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    I've been using myfitnesspal and yesterday I ate very close to 1200 calories. My weight x 11 is 1400 calories so I figured that's about what I should be eating. I know I probably didnt eat enough yesterday, I've just been so scared to add in a lot of new things at once, you know? I did lose .4 this morning but still not what I'm looking for since I've gained those pounds. Maybe I should take a water pill for sure now? Could I get those at a Cvs store or Walgreens?

    Today I'm going to try to eat a little more than I did yesterday. Like I said, I'm just scared to add too many new things too fast since this is only day 2 of phase 3. We can have mayo?? Is there a certain kind? Thank you for all of the advice! This is a big help


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