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Thread: Gelatin or Collagen Hydrosolste

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    Gelatin or Collagen Hydrosolste

    I've been reading a little about these and wondering if anyone has an opinion on these two products. What's the difference?

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    I know it's been awhile since you posted this question and I bet you've found an answer by now. But I came to the forums to see if anyone had used either on P2 and what the effects had been. I figure others may search the forum for info on the collagen or gelatin as well. So I'll give this an answer for anyone searching for information:

    I've used both in the past. Basically gelatin is hot water soluble and collagen can disolve in both hot and cold water. Depending on your source gelatin can have a displeasing taste (seems the more natural form has a "flavor"). Collagen has no flavor, in my experience. Also collagen is easier to digest than gelatin.

    Here's a page that gives more info:
    Gelatin and Collagen Hydrolysate: What’s the Difference?




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