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Thread: Help! Gained 5 lbs my first day of P3

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    Help! Gained 5 lbs my first day of P3

    I can't believe I gained 5 lbs overnight. I didn't go crazy either.

    2 whole scrambled egg with red onion and butter. 1 cup of straweberries.
    Lunch. doubled by beef 7 oz bunless burger with onion an sugar free ketchup

    snack : handfull of almonds

    supper: large salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar and a bit of parm cheese
    Only ate toppings off family pizza night from one piece of pizza, no crust just the gooey cheese and pepperoni (very small amount)

    Looks like a steak day. what do you all get for the steak? it says 8-14 is it better to get the 14oz?

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    It might be the dairy, eggs, or the almonds. All three of those should be tested separately, not eaten all on the same day because it's hard to know what caused the inflammation. That kind of weight gain is water so don't panic. Are you over your LIW? You base whether you have a steak day on where you are in relation to your weight on the last day you had hcg. if you're more than 2 pounds over your LIW, then do a steak day. It doesn't matter on the steak size. The protocol doesn't really specify how much steak. Just a comfortable amount for you to eat plus an apple usually works best.

    Good luck!
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