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Thread: Help - seasonal allergies in P3 causing gain

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    Help - seasonal allergies in P3 causing gain

    I'm P3D16. Thought I had stabilized. Adjusted my LDW from 132.2 to a more realistic 133, decided I'd do a correction at anything above 135. Yesterday I woke up with horrible seasonal allergies and a 2.4 lb GAIN!!! 136.6!!! ACK!!! Perhaps foolishly, I decided not to do a steak day. I was starving and I thought if I had a lot of water to try to combat inflammation from allergies I could get it back under control.

    Today - same allergies, up another pound!!! I am not hungry today, so I am definitely doing a steak day and will have a couple of ginger shots to fight the inflammation.

    I tend to avoid OTC allergy meds, but I think I need to go get some. Any recommendations from this forum? I guess I could just go get Allegra or whatever. Clearly I need to address the allergy situation, and I'm not sure what else I should do.

    My calories, macros, and general food consumption was pretty clean with food I've never reacted to before, and I'm definitely feeling the seasonal allergies. So I'm pretty sure this is ALL allergies and not food.

    Words of wisdom? Can a steak day help? Will this eventually calm down on its own?

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    Answering myself, lol. I remembered an old trick I learned a few years ago that was quite effective. If I took a mild laxative and cleared my intestines, it would stop the histamine effect of any allergies. Anti-histamines are just not that effective for me. So I took a laxative and the histamine response stopped right away. I am feeling back to normal, am still doing a steak day today to clear any systemic inflammation, and hope to see a loss tomorrow. I will also post this on my other thread that I'm using as a sort of P3 diary for myself, but I wanted to post this issue separately in case others are having seasonal allergy problems.

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    yogawife - That is so interesting about taking a laxative to help w/ your allergies, NEVER heard of that before but glad that it works for you!!!!

    I myself had such bad allergies that they turned into a sinus/ear infection EVERY other month....I finally saw an ENT which I should have done about 2 years ago Anyway, had sinus/deviated septum surgery 6 weeks ago (finally feel human thank God)!!!! He said my sinuses were SO blocked, one of the worst he's seen and it's soooo nice to be able to breathe without Afrin 5-6 times a day...which is SO bad but it was the ONLY thing that worked.

    So, after surgery I totally stayed away from dairy and kinda thought I was intolerant with it anyway but kept eating it....STUPID I know!!! Even though I got down to 154 on HCG over a year ago my body kept going RIGHT back up to 163 and drove me NUTS!!! Well, I can without a doubt say that it was totally the dairy as I'm down to 147 and haven't seen THAT number in over 30+ years....CRAZY!!! I've also been gluten free for 9 years which helped me lose weight years ago, but it kept creeping up until I did HCG.

    OK, done rambling.....I just thought your story was so interesting!!! I also know that so many of us have food allergies/intolerances which can make a HUGE difference in weight and the way you feel.

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    Thank you for the reply and the commiseration, lol! My allergies will often set up camp in my sinuses and my lungs, which is the WORST! But since I have been off of gluten and dairy, my upper respiratory system is in good shape. The very first sinus infection I was ever diagnosed with back in about 1990, my very forward-thinking doctor told me to avoid dairy. Of course, I only heeded that advice sometimes. But now it's imperative.

    So now my allergies are just showing up as systemic inflammation. I can just "feel" the inflammation throughout my body. The laxative really remedied the situation for a couple of days, but it's back, so I may try another dose today. I want to be careful with the laxative, because as I understand it, the intestinal tract can kind of get addicted and start relying on the laxative to help with elimination, and I do not want that. What I really need is for a cold front to come through Dallas, TX and get rid of whatever is in the air, lol! I am taking a 2 day break from weighing myself because it's too depressing to be doing everything right and still see gains. So I have gone back to logging all of my food and just doing everything right as best as I know how, and I will start weighing myself again either Sunday or Monday. If I see a large gain, I will just have to decide what to do. I am in touch with my nutritionist, so I will stay in touch with her.

    I am not cheating with foods, my macros seem good, I am not indulging in unhealthy behavior with foods, and I just have to keep that in mind and try not to get too frustrated. These allergy-related gains are sort of beyond my control right now. I just have to hope that they don't trigger something in my body that causes it to hold onto even more weight. Wish me luck!!!

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    NO kidding......let the RAIN come and wash away all the CRAP!!!! uhhhhhhhhhh

    Yes, before sinus & ear infections it was ALWAYS bronchitis.....so I had the same thing.....it was awful!!

    So strange as I didnt know that seasonal allergies could actually cause weight gain????? As far as taking a laxative, you'd be better off with those glycerin suppositories or just a gentle stool softener as like you said laxatives are bad. Or even magnesium (natural calm is GREAT) mix it in some water and you're guaranteed a nice BM in the morning.

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    I already take Natural Calm every night. Seasonal allergies cause system inflammation in me, which causes weight gain and constipation, and sometimes Natural Calm is not enough. I am SUPER cautious about the use of laxatives, though. But when I use them in such instances as this, it cleares the intestines and eases my body's inflammatory response to the allergens in the air.

    But since I have recently used a laxative, I'm going to try to go a long time without using another one. I'm also going to get out my neti pot, which I had forgotten was sitting in my cabinet, to try to rinse the allergens out of the sinuses and hopefully reduce the inflammatory response that way.

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    I wanted to update in case anyone else has the same issue. My nutritionist is convinced the weight gain is from allergies and not what I'm eating, and she mentioned a histamine break-down protocol. I did not have time to get those supplements from her before she left town (I declined at first, then changed my mind after she left, lol), so I did a little research about histamine break-down and found interesting information on Dr. Mark Hyman's website and on Donna Gates' website. So I added a homeopathic allergy supplement with quercetin, a supplement with stinging nettle, local honey, milk thistle, and a probiotic with the following strains: bifidobacterium longum, bifidobacterium infantis, and lactobacillus plantarum.

    The inflammation has gone down significantly. At the first sign of allergy symptoms, I take a dose of most or all of these. The bloating in my abdomen, and the water retention in the rest of my body, seems to have gone way down. I have not had a chance to get on the scale, and I don't think I would have seen a difference yet anyway, but I expect to weigh myself on Monday and *hopefully* see a slight reduction. If not, I will be happy to have at least stopped the gains. Fingers crossed.


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