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Thread: Im so confused! Grammy Please help starting p3 tomorrow.

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    I take homeopatic drops, 1 round ,fase 2.

    Im so confused! Grammy Please help starting p3 tomorrow.

    Hi everyone,
    I was taking drops in 42 days lost 21 pounds, was very weak and brain foggy for 2 weeks straight but never cheated.
    Im now super confused, can you please guide me in the right direction to read about p3.
    I have a little truble concentrating now, so would very much appreciate a link or something.
    Also please let me know when should I start walking, I want to do treadmill for like 30-40 mins a day.
    Thank you so much
    Every one is so good here:-)
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    You need to read Pounds and Inches, honey. And read the stickies at the top of the P3 forum. The fact that you have been weak is bad. It's an indication the hcg wasn't working right so you're going to have to be super careful in P3 or you'll regain easily. You could have been walking in P2. I wouldn't add strenuous exercise in P3.
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