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Thread: Introduce Carbs already in phase 3?

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    Introduce Carbs already in phase 3?

    Hello to the HCG experts!
    I did a round of HCG diet recently, 24 days Phase 2, then 4 days interruption, and 5 days phase 2 again, but after the interruption I felt tired of it and could't get in the flow again. Now 2 weeks in phase 3, but honestly I never was so undisciplined in this round in phase 3 and ate a little bit of starch here and there( one day a bread roll with cheese, one day some rice cakes). But my weight was very stable . yesterday I was stressed and ate almost 200g carbs with apples rice cakes but today I am still very stable (LIW 62,1kg, today 62,0kg) . I must say i started heavy weight training, because I missed it so much. Do you think I can immediately introduce carbs again and switch to phase 4? Does something happen to my hypothalamus/hormonal system when I introduce carbs again to early, even when my weight is stable?

    Thank you for your answers


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    @Leez would be best source to respond. The fact you are stabilizing and almost done with P3 seems you will have to wait and see but P3 is usually 3 weeks It csn be longer if you need a little longer to stabilize. Your interruption doesn
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    P3 is not about being low carb, its about being low starch. There are carbs in fruits and vegetables which you can eat in abundance in P3. The reason starch and added sugar is warned against in P3 is because Dr. Simeons said that when starch and fats are combined, things can get out of hand. If you are stable with what you've added so far, you can rejoice. You've dodged a bullet! But it is best to be cautious and finish your 21 days of P3 before you continue your introduction of starches as you move into P4.

    You can try some caution foods in P3 like Ezekiel 4:9 flourless bread, or some legumes and see how you do, but stay away from the refined flour stuff like white bread or floured things deep-fried in poor quality oils. Stick with whole foods in what you test.

    In P2, the action of the HCG can be thwarted by the addition of fats. In P3, the emphasis is on eating enough to keep the metabolism rise the diet has given you. That is done by high quality whole foods and good fats. You really can eat pretty much anything you want in P3. Avoiding inflammatory foods usually gives a good result. Refined flours and sugars and vegetable oils are inflammatory and those are usually the choices people make that can derail their P3. Some people can be more liberal with the rules than others and still see success.
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    ketogenic diet - hhcg nasal spray
    The hcg diet is a great way to segue into a new way of eating, once you get to P3 and P4. I chose a ketogenic diet because I had an abnormal / high A1c. After watching Dr Sarah Hallberg's TED talk on reversal of Type 2 diabetes with a keto diet, I decided to try it. I was able to continue my weight loss, ultimately losing over 50 lbs. I have stuck to it for over 7 years; I don't consider it restrictive because I can eat all my favorite foods; and skip the fillers.

    Leez is absolutely on target about avoiding vegetable oils, starches, and processed foods in P3/P4. Note, olive and avocado oils are actually fruit oils and are great to include in any diet.


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