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Thread: Loaded March 2 - 3, P2 almost done, P3 here we come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LolaNoodle View Post
    Hi girls! I feel like we have lost most of our group For those of you that are still active on here & would like support/accountability, come join me here if you would like:


    Great group of girls in all phases!
    OK...see you there!
    Load weight

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    Hey guys!! Looks like you all are doing so well!! I did fairly well on vaca but enjoyed LOTS of foods I've been avoiding. I weighed in this morning having gained 3.8lbs. I finished off a few indulgences today so tomorrow starts my CD and clean P3 eating week! Here's hoping it comes off without too much struggle.

    SW- 147.0
    Wk1- 138.6 (-8.4)
    Wk2- 134.6 (-4.0)
    Wk3- 132.2 (-2.4)
    Wk4- 129.8 (-2.2)
    Wk5- 127.2 (-2.6)
    Wk6- 124.0 LDW!!
    P2D41- 123.8
    P3D1- 123.0
    P3D2- 124.0

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    welcome back, shelly. 3.8 is excellent for a whole vacation! i gained 5.2 from mother's day pecan pancakes and a fro yo pie. it was 3/4 of the pie, but still. 5.2 in one day!!!
    you'll be back down in no time.

    come join us on lovely losers. lola put the link above.

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